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Best Mattress for back pain

As a leading online retailer specialising in quality and competitively priced mattresses and beds, at Happy Beds we understand the importance of choosing the right bed for you. If you are one of the almost 40% who are unfortunate enough to suffer with a bad back, it is really important to assess your current setup and research the best mattress for back pain when updating what is easily the most important piece of furniture in the home – the bed.

For a number of years, the general consensus was that the best mattress for back pain was a firm one. It is now more widely accepted that, in fact, this is not true, and if the mattress is too firm this could actually exacerbate the problem.

The same can be said if the mattress is not supportive enough, as it can encourage bad habits in your sleeping posture, which means that your spine is unaligned and muscles are strained. Everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to getting a good nights’ sleep, but get it wrong and the quality of sleep is dramatically impacted. What’s more, the overall feeling of health and wellbeing is reduced.

No one-size-fits-all solution

The main thing to remember when looking for the best mattress for back pain is this: there is not a generic type or style that will alleviate the problem for everyone. As long as it helps to support the person sleeping to do so without experiencing joint stiffness or the associated back pain, it means it is right for that individual.

The key component that will remain consistent is that it should be comfortable and support the body’s natural curves and spine alignment. By ensuring that the mattress offers the appropriate level of support, it means the usual morning muscle ache that can accompany back pain is alleviated.

There is limited data concerning the necessary firmness level a mattress should have to reduce or remove back pain, but studies show that medium-firm options – as opposed to firm – usually provide greater levels of relief. This is because they allow the hips and shoulders to slightly sink, supporting the alignment of the spine.

If you are looking for the best mattress for back pain, visit Happy Beds and view our varied selection. As an online retailer we are able to provide our products at incredibly competitive prices, which means that we can help you achieve your sleep aspirations at a fraction of the cost.