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Bunk beds with storage

When you think of bunk beds, what springs to mind? Memories from childhood of sharing with siblings, or having your best friend stay for a sleep over? Or the pain of tackling the thin metal ladder that helped you to move between bunks? They’ve evolved in design over the years from the standard ‘one up, one down’ layout, encompassing just about any combination imaginable. Options today, for instance, can include a single mattress on the top and double at the bottom, both double, or the traditional both single. As an online retailer that specialises in providing bed solutions at competitive prices, Happy Beds is the place to help address your sleep solutions.

The one reason that bunk beds with storage are so popular is their ability to maximise the space around them. These days, everyone is trying to make the best use of the space in their homes, making this vertical sleeping station a popular choice. Particularly in children’s bedrooms, bunk beds with storage maximise the space available whilst promoting a fun and sleep-inviting image.

Not just an option for the kids

They are not even confined to the rooms of youngsters anymore, and are becoming a popular space-saving choice for adults and guest rooms. There are numerous storage solutions that can be incorporated into the design, many determined by the taste of the buyer. In some cases, the ‘storage’ actually houses a third mattress that can be pulled out as another guest bed.

It will be the dimensions of the room that will, ultimately, narrow down the selection and setup of storage solutions. Some have a drawer underneath the bottom bunk, perfect for housing bedding, toys or clothes. Others incorporate storage boxes into the step leading up to the top bunk, or even include a wardrobe and drawers built into the end of the structure.

The room dimensions also need to be factored in when it comes to accommodating the additional features, such as a third mattress that pulls out as a guest bed, drawers that will be pulled out, or the steps to the top bunk. It is important to check that the size of the room will allow for these functions to be utilised, and that occupants will still be able to walk around the bedroom normally without bumping into or falling over anything.

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