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Double Beds with Storage

Once you acknowledge that you actually spend around one third of your lifetime sleeping, it highlights the importance of getting the bed that’s right for you and your night-time requirements. The team here at Happy Beds can support you with choosing a new bed or mattress, and enable you to find a suitable sleep solution at a competitive price.

The first thing to factor in is the size of the room that the new bed is intended for. What are its dimensions? What storage solutions are presently available, including built-in wardrobes or space for drawers?

With most modern housing, the key theme in any room design is finding the most suitable storage solution that will enable you to maximise the space available. Dependant on the number of people that will be sleeping in the bed and the space available for it to be placed, one option would be to look at double beds with storage.

Often measuring a standard 4’ x 6’3”, even if it the bed is only for one person it would provide enough space to sleep comfortably. When looking for double beds 4ft-6 with storage, you generally find that the spaces for stowing items away are incorporated into its base.

As well as providing a stylish feel to the bedroom, this type of furniture also allows you to maintain a tidy and clutter-free house by providing an aesthetically pleasing storage solution. A divan base is normally upholstered in a fabric that is often available in a variety of colours and textures, with the accompanying storage drawers covered in the same fabric. This makes them blend in and complement the overall look of the bed.

Double beds with storage are normally available in numerous formats, dependant on your requirements. This includes either a two or four-drawer option built into the sides of the base, or an ottoman style where the whole of the bed lifts up to reveal additional storage underneath. Ottoman beds are a popular choice when the room’s dimensions mean that it is more challenging to access drawers on the side.

With such a large portion of your life being dedicated to sleep, it is important to invest the time in seeking the most suitable bedtime solution for your needs. Visit our Happy Beds site to peruse the selection of double beds with storage available at incredibly competitive prices, as we are ready to help you in your quest for finding the perfect night’s sleep.