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Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide


We all know how frustrating it is when your lovely bed is delivered to your home yet it can’t fit through your front door. It would be even worse if, once the bed is forced through multiple doors and been assembled, you realise that it doesn’t fit in the space you have allocated for it in your bedroom.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, we have created this handy measuring guide.


How to Find the Right Size Bed

This guide will help you fully measure your bedroom in order to buy the correct size furniture. However, you should take note of the new furniture’s complete measurements, so that you’ll be able to determine if it also fits through all doors, stairways and hallways in your home.

You need to ask yourself these important questions before ordering:

• Will there be a problem with low ceilings, narrow hallways, and stair banisters?

• Will there be any tight corners?

• In your room, will there be enough space for the door to open?

• Do you want the furniture delivered flat packed or fully assembled?

• Once assembled, will there be enough room to access all drawers and wardrobes?

• How wide do your doorways need to be?


Please note: Tight corners won’t be a problem for mattresses because these are quite flexible. However, bigger mattresses may be harder to squeeze in and you may need assistance.

Our team can’t remove windows and doors in order for our furniture to get into your home. Unless otherwise pre-arranged, our products are delivered to the front door on the ground floor of the property and you are responsible for taking them inside.

Take note that for hallways where there’s no room for turning, the door should be 10 cm wider than the width of the item.

All our beds and other furniture items are delivered flat-packed.


Divan Bed Measuring Guide: How Much Space Will You Need?

Our divan beds with storage drawers will require at least 31 cm of space for the drawers to be fully opened.

All drawers are measured 53 cm in length and 22 cm in depth. The width varies depending on your option between Mini (continental), Regular or Large End drawer.

Measuring Divan beds

Take note that large items are usually delivered flat-packed, so that you won’t have problems getting them inside any room.

We offer an assembly service for divan beds (not other types of beds) delivered to certain destinations. Please contact us after placing the order if you would like to arrange assembly. We will advise if we can offer it to your destination and what the charges are.


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Sofa Bed

Measuring a sofa bed

If you’re thinking of buying a sofa bed, make sure there is enough room for it to fully fold out. Many sofa beds require about 240 cm of space when folded out. This measure will vary depending on the type and model of your sofa.

A good example of a sofa bed which is not as long as long as stated above is the two seater sofa. However, you’ll also need to allocate extra space at the edge of the bed if you need walking space around it.


Need a Little Help?

If you still require a little measuring guidance or you have a question regarding any of our beds, please contact our friendly team direct by calling 0333 444 0180, emailing ask@happybeds.co.uk, or tweeting us - @HappyBeds.


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