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Includes Amethyst Crystal 2500 Pocket Sprung Air Stream Pillow Top Mattress
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    • Crafted using real amethyst quartz
    • Filled with soft, luxurious and breathability focused materials
    • Adorned with an immensely padded pillow top
    • Rated at a medium/soft firmness level, making it super soft and comfortable
    • Accommodatingly thick at 33cm
    • Only requires rotating every six weeks to maintain high quality
    • Exemplary hand-crafted quality, made exclusively for Happy Beds
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Ametist 2500 Crystal Pillow Top Divan Bed



  • Suede

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Small Single 2ft 6 75 190 33 18
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King Size 5ft 150 200 33 31
Super Kingsize 6ft 200 200 33 35
Product Description

Ametist Crystal 2500 Pocket Sprung Air Stream Pillow Top Mattress

Amethyst quartz crystal infusion, a pillow top layer, double jersey fabric and a high pocket spring count - you’re going to be sleeping like you’ve never slept before on the Amethyst Crystal mattress.

Amethyst Crystal Infused Sleep

What do we know about the amethyst ‘stone of spirit’ crystal? Well, it’s one of the most popular healing crystals around, and it’s famed for its ability to stimulate intuition, protect, and cleanse energy. It’s also used to enhance peace, calm and balance. And, it’s also used for- wait, maybe we’re better asking what we don’t know about the amethyst! This crystal is pretty unique and its benefits thought to be so diverse we can’t list them all! A mattress infused with amethyst is bound to bring you some peace of mind whilst you sleep.

Pocket Spring Comfort

The Amethyst mattress has individually nested pocket springs! What does this mean? Well, your whole body is fully supported regardless of the weight distribution as each spring pushes against your body independently. If you’re a restless sleeper, or sleep next to somebody who is, you’re not likely to be disturbing each other as much as you move and adjust your position. Pocket springs are the springs of choice here, as they ensure maximum comfort and, most importantly, support.

Breathable and Temperature Regulating

And there’s more! The Amethyst Crystal mattress is breathable due to the air stream fibre fillings and specially placed air vents. Flag stitched handles are also there to make moving and handling that bit easier for you. This is a non-flip mattress that doesn’t require regular flipping for longevity.

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