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Black Bed Frames

Sometimes, simplicity is best. To that end, opting for a black bed can be the perfect colour to finish off a bedroom. Complemented by a selection of designs, the entirety of our collection is perfect for those looking for a back-to-basic look. Choose a black bed in a range of sizes, including single, double or king size bed frames and a variety of types including black wooden beds, black metal beds and more.

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    Cookie Anthracite Wooden Cabin Bed
    Cookie Anthracite Wooden Cabin Bed
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See our range of black bed frames

Even though they’re simple, we have a wide range of black beds in a multitude of designs, with its colour meaning it will always be on-trend and adaptable. So whether you're looking for a black bed to add a traditional touch to your bedroom or bring a contemporary flair, there's something for you.

Here at Happy Beds, we sell everything from spacious black storage beds to high-tech black TV beds. The full range includes:

  • Black kids beds - a black kids bed will easily match your child's bedroom as they grow throughout the years, thanks to their timeless style.
  • Black storage beds - keep your bedroom as tidy as possible with one of our black storage beds.
  • Black guest beds - visitors can sleep in complete comfort and style, with one of our beautiful black guest beds.
  • Black day beds - combining the style of a bed with the function of a sofa, a black day bed is perfect for spare rooms.
  • Black TV beds - make watching your favourite shows and films easier than ever, with one of our luxurious black TV beds.
  • Black upholstered beds - available in a range of upholstery including velvet, leather and more, our black upholstered beds offer a versatile option.
  • Black futons - easy to use and even easier to store away, a black futon provides a comfortable yet simple sleeping solution for your guests.
  • Black folding beds - save on space with a black folding bed, exceptionally easy to use, and provides a sleeping space for visitors without compromising floor space in your room.

Our black beds are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any bedroom and any sleeper, so there's guaranteed to be a bed for you! Our range of sizes includes:

  • Small single black beds - perfect as a guest bed or for children before they transition to a single bed.
  • Single black beds - a popular choice for both adults and children, our single black beds offer a wide range of styles to choose from.
  • Small double black beds - offering a little more space than a single bed, our small double black beds are great for solo sleepers who want to stretch out at night.
  • Double black beds - the most popular choice for couples, or for additional space during the night for a solo sleeper, a double black bed combines style and function.
  • King size black beds - designed to make use of a larger room, a king size black bed offers the ultimate in size and luxury.
  • Super king size black beds - sleep like royalty with a super king size black bed, the largest size we offer and a surefire way to make a statement.

No matter how your bedroom is decorated, there's guaranteed to be a black bed frame to bring your décor together in our collection. From sumptuous velvet to luxurious leather, check out our black bed range including:

  • Black metal beds - incorporate a traditional look to your bedroom with one of our elegant black metal beds.
  • Black velvet beds - there's nothing more eye-catching than a beautiful black velvet bed, perfect to add some wow factor to a bedroom.
  • Black fabric beds - one of our most popular options, a black fabric bed offers exceptional versatility and will suit a range of interior décor with ease.
  • Black leather beds - add some opulence into your room with one of our stylish black leather beds.
  • Black wooden beds - if you're looking for something that combines style with durability, then a black wooden bed is a perfect choice, giving you a long-lasting bed for any room.

All of our black bed frames are designed to not only look beautiful and be durable but also be incredibly easy to keep looking their best. They're simple to clean, whether you choose a black metal bed frame or a fabric black bed.

For some great tips on cleaning every type of black bed frame, we have a range of product care guides for you to look at. Each guide includes useful advice, such as using leather polish to add some shine to a leather bed, or purchasing a nylon brush to clean metal furniture. Take a look now for more.

A black bed frame is a great choice as it offers a neutral colour that will easily complement a wide range of interior décor. It can be used as a statement piece by creating a neutral colour scheme surrounding it, such as white or grey, to let the black colour stand out.