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European Single Cabin Beds

European Single Cabin Beds

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Here at Happy Beds, we have an extensive range of beds that will fit perfectly within your home. So, whether you're looking for a space-saving solution, superior storage, or somewhere for your guests to rest their heads at night, we'll help you decide which bed type works for you.

Which Type of Bed Should You Choose?

Ottoman and Storage Beds

Our storage beds and ottoman beds are available in several different styles. Choose from one to four drawers, a gap in the side rail for games consoles or DVD players, or one with storage hidden neatly underneath a gas-piston powered ottoman.

Whether you're looking to neatly store bedding, seasonal clothing or simply need somewhere to hide your junk out of sight, we have an option for you.

Just remember, if you opt for drawers, you'll need space to open them!

Divan Beds

Probably the most popular type of bed base, a divan is available in all sizes. It's easy to manoeuvre, so it's perfect if you regularly enjoy rearranging or redecorating your room.

Some of these beds have built-in storage space too, should you need it - they're perfect if you're looking to minimise clutter, without splashing out on additional furniture.

Wooden and Metal Bed Frames

Wooden, or metal bed frames we have bed frames that offer the greatest variety of design options. Whether you have an ultra-modern bachelor pad or a cosy, quaint family home, you're sure to find a bed frame that fits your individual style.

Children's Beds

From a princess pink metal-framed small single bed to a wooden sleigh bed or even a restful race car, we have a bed that your child will look forward to climbing into every night of the week.

Whatever your child's age or height, we have a range of kids' beds that will provide a comfy night's sleep and look the part in their room.

Bunk Beds

A traditional space saver for shared bedrooms and compact spaces, bunk beds utilise the limited space on offer in a small room really well.

Discover the many other pros of bunk beds here.

Available in metal and wood finish, and numerous colours, you'll be spoilt for choice by our range of practical bunk beds.

Sofa Beds, Day Beds and Guest Beds

Sofa by day, bed by night, sofa beds are the perfect solution for welcome, and even not so welcome guests. These practical beds look wonderful in a spare bedroom or study space, plus they fold out with ease.

Our day beds make for great statement pieces. So, if you're looking to make the most of that spare room, a day bed is the way forward.

Guest beds come with a pull-out trundle to provide an additional cosy space for your visitors. You can comfortably put them up for the night with minimum fuss.

TV Beds

Is there anything better than snuggling up in bed and watching a late-night movie, or a lazy Sunday morning spent binge-watching TV?

If you agree, you should give yourself a touch of luxury in your bedroom with one of our TV beds.

Television beds are a great solution for hiding wires, game stations, and many even have built in USB charger ports!

Shop by Size

Not sure what size bed you need? We can help. No matter what your circumstances are, you're certain to find a bed that'll grant you a good night's sleep and look right at home in your room.

If you haven't got a lot of space to work with, size is a significant factor in the shopping process. It's all about balancing who your bed needs to accommodate, with how it'll fit in the room.

If you need a bed to sleep one person and your room is small, then a single bed is ideal for a solo slumber.

For young children, who have just made the transition from cot to bed, a small single is perfect; your little one can sleep comfortably and still have space to play and learn!

For teens and young adults who need slightly more sleeping space but aren't blessed with a big bedroom, a small double will provide optimum comfort without compromising on space too much. Since this option is six inches narrower than its wider counterpart, it could be the perfect middle-ground.

If you're sharing a bed then, naturally, you'll need something a little larger. For those who like to snuggle up at night, a double bed will win your hearts. However, if you're a starfish sleeper, or just like a little more personal space, then a king size is right up your street.

For the taller, or more wriggly members of society, why not go all out and embrace the 6ft bed frame of a super king? You'll sleep in luxury every night of the week!

Take a look at our bed size guide to see how your new bed will measure up.

Need Help Choosing a Mattress?

If you're considering buying a new mattress alongside a new bed and would like some similar tips and advice on how to choose which mattress is best for you, take a look at our Mattress Guide.