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Cabin Beds

Cabin beds are the ultimate way to incorporate storage into children's bedrooms. This stylish, space-saving solution will utilise the limited space in your child's small bedroom with options such as a cabin bed with desk or cabin bed with storage.

Kids cabin beds are truly striking pieces of furniture that not only effectively save space but provide attractive and practical storage.

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Bring space and storage with a cabin bed

Whether you've got your heart set on a cabin bed with desk for your child's homework or want to keep a tidy bedroom with a cabin bed with storage, you'll find a bed that your little one will love. Our kids cabin beds are designed to accommodate children with ease with sizes including single cabin beds and more.

Our children's cabin beds provide optimum comfort in addition to stylish storage units. With many colours and styles, they are a great option for any bedroom. Shop Happy Beds' collection today and discover a range of cabin beds for kids that tick several boxes.

If your child is old enough, then our kids' cabin beds are perfectly safe. All Happy Beds products undergo strict safety checks before they're put for sale, assessing every part of the bed's structure to ensure it complies with British Safety Standards.

When you buy from Happy Beds, you can buy with peace of mind and this includes our children's cabin beds.

Our cabin beds are available in various styles and colours to suit any child's bedroom. So whether you're looking for a boys cabin bed to match their bedroom colour scheme, or instead are after a neutral girls cabin bed that can be accessorised with their favourite colours, we guarantee you'll find the perfect kids bed for you!

Within our range of cabin beds for kids, there's something for both boys and girls, as they can choose from our best-selling colours, including white cabin beds, pink cabin beds and even blue cabin beds!

Kit out your boy's bedroom with one of our cabin beds for boys, full of useful storage including shelves and cupboards and with plenty of neutral shades to suit their preference. Or brighten up a girl's bedroom, with a functional and fun single cabin bed for girls, great for any theme or décor.

Essentially, this depends on the height of the children's cabin bed that you choose. However, Happy Beds always recommends parents transition their children from a toddler bed at around age 6. This ensures the child is old enough to sleep safely and comfortably and allows lots of room to accommodate growth.

Learn more about transitioning from a toddler to a child bed with our in-depth guide: Transitioning Your Child to a New Bed: The Essential Guide.

A cabin bed is an elevated sleeper with room underneath. The extra space can be used as storage, with in-built drawers, cupboards or other additions. In truth, a cabin bed isn’t just a bed - it’s a multi-purpose, space-saving centrepiece.

Typically, cabin beds are for children. That means they usually come with a host of appealing designs, from brightly coloured bed frames to thematic options.

Our kids cabin beds come in a variety of sizes. The maximum height is around 3ft (100cm, 39 inches), but with our ever-expanding range, this can vary, so be sure to read the specification for the model you choose.

Before ordering, measure the area where the bed will go first and ensure the floor space is sufficient. Alternatively, if you want a higher bed, you can opt for one of our high-sleeper beds, which are larger than our cabin and mid-sleeper frames.

A kids cabin bed can be functional as well as comfortable.

Our range of cabin beds utilises this extra room differently. We have options from frames with underbed trundles to more eye-catching designs with in-built bookcases or play areas. This allows you to keep toys, bedding, pillows, and many other items within close reach without the need for separate storage.