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European Single Guest Beds

European single guest beds are perfect if you want to provide a little extra legroom for a more comfortable night's sleep. Measuring at 3ft by 6.6ft, European single guest beds let you avoid that awful feeling of your feet dangling out at night.

European single guest beds in style

Our European single size guest beds are a beautiful addition to any home, ideal for children's sleepovers or spare bedrooms. Available in neutral colours and timeless styles, the European size guest bed can accommodate any decor style for an extended period.

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The size of a European single bed is 3ft by 6.6ft, providing you with that extra bit of legroom, perfect for taller single sleepers. If you're deciding between a European single bed and a regular single bed, our bed size guide is available to help you measure up your space and work out which size single bed is right for you.

European single beds are bigger than a single bed. While single beds typically come in a 3ft by 6.3ft size, European single beds are available in 3ft by 6.6ft, making them 0.3ft longer and providing an extended amount of legroom.

We have a variety of different types of European single beds available. European single kids beds are perfect for your growing child or teenager and come in various styles such as bunk beds, high sleepers and day beds. Explore our full range of European single beds to find the one that suits you.