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Small Single Guest Beds

With small single guest beds available in a wide variety of colours and styles, you're guaranteed to find the perfect single guest bed for your home. Whichever design you choose, the small single guest bed will provide an incredibly practical solution for when you have friends or family over. And you don't need to worry about breaking the bank to provide a bed for your guests, as our range of small single guest beds are an extremely affordable solution.

Small single guest beds provide an excellent space saving solution

Experience the comfort and support of a regular bed, all packed into the convenience of a small single guest bed. Our small single guest beds are designed to be compact and easily portable, adapting to your needs when you have guests over.

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11 Items

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Guest beds are guest-ready, space saving solutions, specifically designed to provide an efficient solution when you have overnight guests. They should be able to fit in most room sizes,often with the practicality of being able to fold up or store away. Our wider selection of guest beds also include:

Sofa beds: A sofa bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture, which doubles as both a comfortable seating area and a place to sleep. We have a wide range of sofa beds, ideal for office spaces, spare rooms and living rooms for providing an extra place to sleep when you have overnight guests.

Folding Beds: Folding beds are a brilliant space saving solution for providing an extra sleeping area fast. They are ideal because folding beds can be stored away until you need to use them.

Day Beds: Day beds are typically able to adapt from a lounge-worthy sofa by day, to a comfortable bed by night. Our range of day beds provide a stylish and practical solution, ideal for spare bedrooms or house guests who may stay over for a longer period of time.

Trundles: We have a wide range of guest beds with underbed trundles, which pull out or adjust to provide an extra sleeping space. Trundle beds are able to effortlessly accommodate an extra sleeper without having to take up any permanent floor space in your room.

Futons: Our futons are available in an extensive variety of colours. With dual practicality, the futon can be used as a relaxing seating area, or fold out into a comfortable guest bed.

For help measuring your space for a small single guest bed, read our guide on how to measure your bed, where we provide useful tips such as measuring your doorways, to what to consider before you buy to ensure you're purchasing the right size guest bed for your home.

A guest bed can be any size that you like, depending on the space you have available. If you have a larger spare room that you would like to fill, you might want to opt for one of our larger guest beds, such as those with an underbed trundle, or even a sofa bed. Our small single guest beds are wonderfully ideal beds for those who are limited on space.