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Ottoman Bed Buying Guide

Ottoman Bed Buying Guide

What is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a storage bed in which the base lifts to reveal a sizeable underbed storage compartment. Most are gas-lift ottoman beds, which use hydraulics to make lifting easier and keep the frame raised until you need to close it.

Thanks to its concealed storage solutions, an ottoman bed is ideal for tidying up a room and keeping it clutter-free. Available in various designs and sizes, this space can be used to hide belongings away and remove the need for excess storage furniture!

What are the benefits of an ottoman bed?

There are many benefits to choosing an ottoman bed over a regular bed frame, such as:

Extra storage

Ottoman beds are fantastic for bedrooms needing more storage space. These helpful storage beds eliminate the need for excess furniture by combining sleeping and storage solutions in one structure, so they're perfect for smaller spaces. They give you a place to sleep and somewhere to store all your essentials, including bedding, extra clothes, books, and much more.

Keep your bedroom tidy

Opting for an ottoman bed with enclosed underbed storage is a neater option than simply storing loose items under your bed. You'll also protect your items from dust and dirt that can accumulate under your bed. Even plastic storage drawers designed to go under the bed can be unsightly and ruin your bedroom's overall aesthetic. With an ottoman bed, your storage is built into a stylish bed frame.

Available in a selection of styles and sizes

From luxurious velvet ottoman storage to on-trend upholstered ottoman beds, classic wooden ottoman beds to high-tech TV beds, we have an ottoman bed that suits every bedroom. Our ottoman beds are also available in various sizes to suit adults and children!

What types of ottoman bed bases are there?

Ottoman beds use two main bases: solid bases and sprung slats. The one you choose will depend on your preferences:

Solid bases

Ottoman beds with a solid base have a flat, firm surface where the mattress goes. This base type is similar to divan beds and provides firmer support. If you choose this bed base type, remember that it can make your mattress feel firmer regardless of its firmness rating.

Sprung slats

Ottoman beds with sprung slats feature curved slats at the base. The arched shape is better for shock absorption and provides a less firm level of support. The gaps between the slats can also help keep you cool through the night by allowing air to circulate.

Ottoman bases

What is an ottoman baseboard made from?

There are two common types of baseboards for ottoman beds, which are:

Boarded Base

A boarded base is a solid base that prevents your items from touching the floor. These bases are exceptionally sturdy and capable of holding heavier items confidently. They're a popular base for ottoman beds, keeping your belongings tidy and preventing your floor from being damaged.

Fabric Base

Some ottoman beds feature a fabric base similar to a boarded base, with the fabric lying on the floor. Other fabric bases are called 'shadow ottoman frames', which feature a pocket of fabric that can stretch down to the floor. This gives the illusion of a shadow underneath your bed a slimmed-down look. A fabric base is better suited to storing smaller or lighter items to prevent damage.

What sides can you open an ottoman bed from?

Ottoman beds can only be opened from whatever side they are designed and assembled. As such, you can open ottoman beds from the following sides:

  • Side-opening ottoman bed - If you're short on space, a side-opening ottoman bed is a great choice. It allows you to push the bed against the wall and access your storage. Some side-opening ottomans can only be built to open on one side, whereas others allow you to build on either the right or left side.
  • End-opening ottoman bed - These will open from the bottom of your bed, making them particularly suitable for larger rooms or rooms that can't accommodate drawers opening along the side of the bed.

What are things to consider with ottoman beds?

As great as ottoman beds are, there are some things you need to consider to ensure that you can use them without problems.

  • Ottoman bed size—As tempting as it would be to put a super king-size bed in your bedroom, it's important to only buy a bed that will fit to avoid any issues. Explore our bed size guide to ensure you get the right size for your bedroom!
  • Ceiling height—An ottoman bed works by you using the handle to lift the frame up. This means that you need to make sure there is enough space between a fully opened ottoman bed and the ceiling to avoid causing damage!
  • Where your ottoman opens – If you invest in a side-opening ottoman, you'll need to ensure that you don't place your bed against the wall where the handle is, as this will mean you can't open it up! At the same time, you will need to ensure there is enough space to comfortably open your ottoman bed without causing problems.

Are ottoman beds easy to assemble?

An ottoman bed is straightforward to assemble; it's as easy as building a regular bed! Our ottoman beds include detailed instructions to help you through every assembly step. This means there will be far less stress than if you were left to your own devices, and you won't be sitting on the floor Googling how to assemble an ottoman bed.

If you're looking for extra advice, look at our guide on assembling an ottoman bed for additional pointers. Before you get started, it's worth checking out our preparing for your flat-packed bed guide. Don't want the hassle of assembling your bed yourself? Check out our bed assembly service with our partner, Taskrabbit, for easy assembly!

Are ottoman beds easy to use?

An ottoman bed is just as easy to use as a bed with drawers; the only difference is how you open it! Instead of sliding out a drawer, you lift the bed frame with the mattress on to reach the storage space inside. Gas piston-powered hydraulics take over when you lift the frame, take the weight of the mattress and frame so you won't have to struggle to lift it, and they are designed to keep the bed open, so you won't have to hold it up as you access the storage area.

If you're wondering how to close an ottoman bed, you have to push down on the mattress until it clicks back into place. The weight of your mattress, combined with the bed's design, will keep the frame closed and your items secure.

Are ottoman beds reliable?

Ottoman beds are just as reliable as any other bed you can buy, as they are designed to be as strong and durable as any other bed. We ensure that our ottoman beds are crafted with high-quality, long-lasting materials so you get great value.

Another benefit is that you can replace the gas-powered piston in the lift mechanism on an ottoman bed should it deteriorate over time, so you can always access the interior with minimal effort. There's no need to be concerned about whether an ottoman bed is reliable.

How does a mattress stay on an ottoman bed?

Thanks to the base's design, a mattress easily stays on an ottoman bed. Sprung slats or a non-slip top help keep the mattress safe and secure when accessing the interior storage so that it won't slide off the end or into your headboard!

You can use any mattress, depending on the mattress best suited for your ottoman bed! Ottoman beds use standard mattresses, so the only thing to remember is to match the size of your mattress to your bed frame.

Want to find the perfect mattress for supportive sleep on your new ottoman bed? Check out our mattress buying guide to explore the different types of mattresses available.

How much can I store in an ottoman bed?

It's difficult to say how much you can store in an ottoman bed as the bed frame's capacity depends on your bed size. For example, you'll have more storage space in a super king ottoman bed than a double bed.

People use ottoman beds to store all sorts of items, from shoes and handbags to bedding, seasonal duvets, towels, and more. It's worth noting that most ottoman beds have a maximum weight capacity. Details of this capacity for your specific bed frame can be found on our product pages. It's important not to overload this capacity, as it could damage the bed frame.

If you're looking to store bedding in your ottoman bed, check out our bedding storage tips to keep your bedding fresh and ready to be used!

What's the difference between a divan and an ottoman bed?

The difference between a divan bed and an ottoman bed is how the storage is arranged inside the bed. An ottoman bed uses a lift mechanism to lift the mattress, giving you access to the entire space beneath the bed; a divan bed, on the other hand, uses drawers built into the sides of the bed frame. These can be drawers along the long side of a bed or at the very end of the bed.

If you're particularly short on space, an ottoman bed may be preferred over a divan. This is because you won't need extra clearance space to accommodate drawers built into the bed frame; you need space to access the bed's interior.

The number of drawers available will vary depending on which divan bed you buy, but an ottoman bed generally provides more storage space overall. Check out our divan beds buying guide for more information.

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