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High Sleepers

High sleepers are fantastic space savers. If your little one’s bedroom is on the smaller side then a high sleeper bed is ideal.

Our high beds offer excellent storage solutions. This means your child can enjoy peaceful slumber in a high sleeping space, which is a novelty in itself, and a wealth of items can be stored underneath in shelves or drawers.

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If you opt for a high sleeper with a desk, your child can make the most of a dedicated space to do their homework. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Shop our collection of high beds and not only will you effectively utilise the limited space in a small bedroom, you’ll transform their bedroom into one they’ll love.

The major benefit of a high sleeper bed is how it makes the most of available space. With a loft bed being so high, it’s easy to turn it into a bed with a desk or to use the space below for whatever you need. Whether you want to place a sofa, pull up a chair or use the space for storage, a loft bed allows you to make the most of your entire bedroom.

Keeping your child's bedroom tidy is incredibly easy with one of our high sleeper beds! That's because these high sleeper kids beds have the following storage options:

That all depends on the bed you buy and the furniture you want to use. Some beds – such as high sleepers with wardrobes – come with furniture and storage built-in, but most of them leave enough room for you to be creative. For ideas, browse our bedroom furniture range.

A kid's high sleeper is safe when it is assembled correctly according to instructions. Of course, given the height, it is only recommended for children who can safely and easily reach the bed. This means high sleeper beds should only be used for children over the age of 6, and children should be discouraged from playing on the bed.

For more helpful information regarding safety with bunk beds and high sleepers, take a look at our bunk bed safety guide.