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European Single Kids Beds

Make sure that your child or teenager can sleep in comfort with a European single kids' bed. These beds are slightly longer than a standard single bed, which means that they're ideal for your growing child as they are unlikely to outgrow it quickly.

European single kids' beds are great for growing children and teens!

With our range of European single kids' beds, including everything from bunk beds to cabin beds, there's guaranteed to be something for you. We also have matching European single kids' mattresses available, providing a wholly relaxing and supportive sleep as your child grows.

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European single kids' beds are slightly longer than a traditional single bed, being 3' x 6'6" compared to our 3' x 6'3" size. This makes them the perfect bed for older children or teenagers, as the extra length means that they will continue to have a comfortable sleep even as they grow.

We have a wide variety of children's beds available here at Happy Beds, all of which include the European single kids' bed size. This range contains :

  • Kids' bunk beds - great for siblings or for sleepovers, our kids' bunk beds have been designed to be both safe and secure.
  • Kids' mid sleeper beds - blending storage and a sleep area together, these are perfect to keep a kids room tidy.
  • Kids high sleeper beds - perfect for older children and teenagers with space beneath the bed for desks, a gaming setup and more.
  • Kids' cabin beds - maximising the floor space in a smaller room, kids' cabin beds provide plenty of useful storage options.

Our European single kids' beds come with a lot of great storage options to choose from, meaning that your child's bedroom can be kept as tidy as possible. This range includes:

We carefully design our European single kids' beds to be sturdy and long-lasting. This is done by using high-quality materials and providing detailed assembly instructions that ensure our children's beds are built exactly as they're meant to be. As such, you can be assured that our beds are durable enough to cope with daily use from your child!

All of our kids' beds are designed to the highest safety standards, and we make sure that they go through rigorous safety checks before they are delivered. This means that you can sleep comfortably and with peace of mind as all of our children's beds, including our European single kids' beds, have been repeatedly tested to ensure that they are as safe as possible.

For more information on bunk bed safety, particularly a popular bed choice for children, take a look at our bunk bed safety guide to see what we do to make our beds as secure as possible.