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Small Single Kids Beds

Small single kids beds are available in a narrower frame size than regular single kids beds, perfect for young children with a smaller bedroom size. A popular choice for bedrooms with limited space, these small single beds measure up at only 2.6ft wide.

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    Durham White Wooden Bunk Bed
    Durham White Wooden Bunk Bed
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Small single kids beds are a stylish space saving solution

When it comes to saving space, you shouldn't have to skimp on comfort. Our small single children's beds allow you to do just that whilst making a stylish addition to your home. Our high-quality small single kids bed frames offer convenient and compact comfort in various colours and styles.

The size of a small single children's bed is 2'6ft by 6'3ft. A small single kids bed is slightly narrower than a kids single bed, available in a 3ft by 6'3ft size. Whilst both size kids beds are ideal and suitable for young children, the small single kids' bed just saves that extra amount of floor space, which is a practical solution for bedrooms of a smaller size.

The main benefit of a small single kids bed is that they are a brilliant space saving solution for providing a sleeping area in bedrooms that are more compact and limited on space. Especially ideal for younger children who require a larger floor space to play throughout the day, small single kids beds are more compact and provide just that.

If you have a slightly larger bedroom area available, you might want to consider opting for a single kids bed, which comes in a wide range of types, styles and colours to suit any bedroom.

Choosing the right size kids bed for your child is essential, as it could potentially be their bed for an extended time. Our kids' buying guide looks at the types and sizes of kids' beds to best suit your child's needs. You can determine the correct size of kids beds by going off their age, what space you have available, and whether your child is sharing with a sibling.

Younger children may require more floor space for playing, so a small single kids bed might be the most suitable solution. Whereas slightly older children and teenagers may spend more time in bed relaxing, a more spacious kids bed, such as our single kids' beds or our kids' small double beds, might be a better option.