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Are you making over your kid's room? Our kids' beds collection includes boys' beds and beds for girls that your little ones will love. Our children's beds flaunt fascinating features and designs – so persuading your child to go to bed could well be a thing of the past. From toddler beds through to space-saving bunks, you’re sure to find an option for them. Sweet dreams all round!

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    Nebula Grey Oak Wooden Gaming High Sleeper Bed
    Nebula Grey Oak Wooden Gaming High Sleeper Bed
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    Pluto Dove Grey Wooden Mid Sleeper with Starry Pink Tent
    Pluto Dove Grey Wooden Mid Sleeper with Starry Pink Tent
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Children’s beds your little ones will love

Finding the right bed for your kids can be difficult – but get it right, and you’ll find bedtime a much more pleasant time! With our collection of children’s beds, you can find options that your kids will love and will help guarantee you all get a great night’s sleep. From tots through to teenagers, we have kids' bed sizes to suit any age, in eye-catching designs to help spark imagination and create the bedroom of their dreams.

Buy kids’ beds online from the sleep specialists

At Happy Beds, we’re all about comfort and quality, and our collection of kids' beds offers just that. Our strong, durable kids’ beds are built to stand the test of time, so you can enjoy those peaceful nights for even longer. Explore girls' beds and boys' beds in a range of designs they’ll adore, then check out our mattress collection to complete their bedroom makeover.

What type of beds for kids are available?

At Happy Beds, we stock a range of children's beds. We stock boys' beds and beds for girls in various designs to suit your child's bedroom, from bunk beds to mid-sleepers.

  • Kids Bunk Beds - perfect if you have two children sharing a room or if you simply need some extra space underneath for storage, a television or a play area.
  • Kids Cabin Beds - a stylish but space-saving solution for most kids' bedrooms, cabin beds offer space for drawers underneath without looking too bulky.
  • Kids High-Sleeper Beds - our high-sleeper beds have the height of a standard bunk bed but instead of a bottom bunk, the space underneath can be used for a desk or television.
  • Kids Mid-Sleeper Beds - defined by their versatility and functionality, our kids' mid-sleeper beds offer prime comfort, storage and a space-saving design.
  • Kids Sleep Stations - ideal if your child loves leaving their bedroom in a mess. With a variety of built-in drawers complemented by a comfortable design, your little one will soon run out of excuses for their untidy bedroom with kids' bed with storage.

What materials are kids’ beds available in?

No matter how your child wants their bedroom decorated, we're sure to have a kids' bed that will look fantastic in our extensive range! The selection of Happy Beds kids' beds includes:

  • Wooden Kids Beds
  • Metal Kids Beds - an elegant option to add a classical touch to a child's bedroom, our metal kids’ beds will suit a range of interiors.
  • Fabric Kids Beds - comfortable and versatile, a fabric kids’ bed offers a soft place to rest against.
  • Leather Kids Beds - for a long-lasting and beautiful option, choose a leather kids' bed to add a touch of luxury to your child's bedroom.

Do kids’ beds come in various sizes?

There's no right or wrong bed when it comes to choosing a bed for your child, and we have a wide range of kids' beds sizes to suit any bedroom, from kids’ single beds to king size options. Our range of beds for kids includes:

  • Cot Beds - designed for your little one, our cot beds offer a comfortable and safe sleep every night.
  • Toddler Beds - the ideal kids' bed for your child to transition from a cot bed to a toddler bed.
  • Small Single Kids' Beds - for rooms running short on space or smaller bodies, our small single kids' beds are the perfect solution.
  • Single Kids' Beds - the standard size for kids' beds, our single beds are guaranteed to suit any bedroom and any child!
  • Small Double Kids' Beds - let your child stretch out during the night with one of our small double kids' beds.
  • Double Kids' Beds - a great choice for teenagers or children who want to make the most of their space, a kids' double bed is a guaranteed hit.
  • King Size Kids' Beds - let your child sleep in the ultimate luxury with a beautiful king size kids' bed.
  • European Single Kids' Beds - the best choice for growing teenagers, our European single kids' beds are slightly longer than a traditional single bed.

Are there any kids’ storage beds options available?

Keeping a child's bedroom tidy can often be a battle, but our range of kids' beds with storage is the perfect solution! There's plenty of ways to store toys, books and much more with our kids' storage beds, with our beds for kids’ range including the following:

  • Kids Beds with Bookcase/Shelves - great to display toys or figurines and store books and games, our kids' beds with bookcase or kids’ bed with shelving offers space-saving storage.
  • Kids Beds with Side Drawers - there's no need to stress over an untidy bedroom with kids' beds with side drawers. These kids' storage beds have built-in drawers that can be used to store anything.
  • Kids Beds with Cupboard - let your child store away their important things in one of our kids' beds with cupboards. Each bed has built-in storage that helps to keep a room tidy.
  • Kids Ottoman Beds - hidden storage inside the bed frame itself, our kids' ottoman storage beds offer the ultimate space-saving solution.
  • Kids Beds with End Drawers - accessing storage has never been easier with one of our kids' beds with end drawers. Convenient and easy to use, these beds are ideal for a child's bedroom.

How safe are our kids' beds?

We make sure that every kids' bed that Happy Beds sell meets rigorous safety standards, so you can be assured that your child will be safe during the night. Each bed is manufactured from high-quality materials that provide a sturdy place for them to sleep and relax. So, whether you want a single bed with storage or a kids' double bed, your kid can sleep comfortably.

For more information on how to choose the right kids' bed for your child, take a look at our buying guide for kids' beds. With plenty of useful information, you're sure to find the right bed to suit your child whether you're considering one of our children's single beds or a kids' double bed to let them sleep in luxury.

What age should a child get a full-sized bed?

At Happy Beds, we recommend children sleep in a cot or cot bed from age 0-2, and a toddler bed from 2-4. From 4 years old and onwards, children can sleep in full-sized beds. We advise that children under 6 don’t sleep in bunk beds or high sleepers – instead, classic low sleepers and cabin beds are advisable for 4-year-olds.

How can I help my child transition from a cot to a kids' bed?

It's a big change for your child to transition from their cot, or toddler bed, to a big kids' bed! If you need help transitioning your child from a cot to their bedroom, then we have a useful blog post on the subject: Transitioning Your Child to a New Bed: The Essential Guide. Take a look now to find out our useful tips and tricks to help the transitioning process.

Unsure of what kind of bed to get your child? Before buying a children's double bed for your little one, it's best to make sure you have the right bed for your child. We also have a range of guides on how to furnish a child's bedroom for just £500, so if you need help, we're here.