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Single Low Sleepers

Our single low sleeper beds offer children a comfortable bed to sleep in and the option of storage compartments and shelves, so your littles ones can easily store their bedtime books and toys. With a single step allowing for easy and safe access to the sleeping area, your child can crawl into their low sleeper single bed with ease, even when sleepy.

Available in modern and gender-neutral designs, we have a range of single low sleeper beds that will look good in any boys or girls' bedroom. And with durable and sturdy wooden materials used to construct a supportive slatted base, these low sleeper single beds offer additional comfort and prolong mattress life.

Low sleeper beds offer a high-quality storage solution

Keeping your little one's bedroom clutter-free is much easier with our single low sleeper beds offering built-in storage. Opting for a low sleeper bed with storage, means that you can make the most of a bedroom that is limited on space whilst also saving money from needing to purchase other storage furniture items. Our sleek and contemporary single low sleeper beds provide a compact and convenient solution.

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    Appleby White Wooden 4 Drawer Storage Bed
    Appleby White Wooden 4 Drawer Storage Bed
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A single low sleeper bed is perfect for children, and can accommodate one sleeper. With built-in storage, low sleeper beds offer both a comfortable night's sleep and a practical storage solution, and are sometimes referred to as sleep stations.

Our extensive collection of low sleepers can provide a sleeping space that isn't so high that your child will need to climb to get into bed. However, some low sleeper beds are available with a small single step to allow easier access to the sleeping area.

We recommend that low sleeper beds are suitable for children from 4 years old and up. We also offer a variety of mid sleepers and high sleepers in a range of heights and styles, which are suitable for children from 6 years old. These might be more convenient for older children as they offer even more storage space and often a pull-out desk.

Choosing the right bed for your children requires considering many factors, such as safety features, size and style, which is why we provide an online Kids Beds Buying Guide to help you make the right choice.

Single low sleeper beds are straightforward to clean. Their convenient, low height allows an adult to easily reach the bed's surface and wipe down the exterior with a dampened soft cloth. Not only this but our single low sleeper beds are constructed from high-quality wooden materials, which are not only timeless in design but provide a surface that is not easily damaged or affected by wear and tear.

You can easily maintain our low sleeper beds' sleek and high-quality wooden surfaces using wood-friendly cleaning agents and a soft cloth. Our how to care for wooden beds and furniture guide provides the dos and don'ts on how to care for your wooden furniture effectively, ensuring that your low sleeper single bed remains its best quality over a long time.