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Single Mid Sleepers

If space is at a premium in a bedroom, then a single mid sleeper bed can be the perfect solution. Single mid sleeper beds have various styles, including plenty of practical storage options such as cupboards and shelves or even space underneath the bed for a play area.

Maximise your space with a single mid sleeper bed

From a mid sleeper bed with storage, such as drawers or shelves, or even a mid sleeper bed with a desk, perfect for schoolwork, we have the perfect bed available to suit any child or teenager's bedroom! Not only that, but our beds are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so you get high quality and great value!

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Mid sleeper beds are the perfect choice to save on space in a bedroom as they combine storage with a sleep space. A mid sleeper bed is higher off the ground than a standard bed, though not as high as a bunk bed.

The extra space underneath the bed is used for various purposes, from storage options such as shelving and cupboards to a play area. Some of our mid sleeper beds also include a useful desk that can be pulled out, making it the perfect place to do schoolwork.

Our mid sleeper beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms as they offer plenty of functional storage to keep a bedroom tidy and clean. Some of the mid sleeper with storage options available, including in a single mid sleeper bed size, include:

A single mid sleeper is perfect for teenagers or children over the age of 6 as they are 3' x 6'3" in size, with the bed being accessible via the attached ladders or stairs. The additional storage or desk options make them particularly suitable for a teen bedroom to complete homework with ease.