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Small Double Beds

Offering the width and comfort of a double bed with the flexibility of a smaller bed frame, our super-comfortable 4ft (120cm, 48") x 6'3" (190cm, 75") small double beds are a great option for rooms not blessed with buckets of space. As well as small double beds, these are also known as queen-sized beds.

Available in a range of finishes – from fabric and leather to metal, wood and more - our expertly-designed small double bed frames can add a touch of class to a bedroom, whether you’re buying for yourself, your children or a loved one.

A good night’s sleep, every time

Our small double bed frames are designed to put your comfort first – and you can also purchase a super-ergonomic small double mattress at the same time too. Plus, because we buy straight from the supplier, there’s no middle man and no expensive price tag. Shop online for the best 4ft beds for you today, including a high quality small double bed with storage.

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Small double beds, thanks to their size, are very versatile, so there are quite a few options you can choose from including:

  • Small Double Bunk Beds - sometimes, if you have older children, or want a more spacious option for guests, then a queen size double bunk bed could be ideal. They're essentially the same as a normal bunk bed, but wider, making them ideal for adults, teens, or sleepers who love their space.
  • Small Double Storage Beds - with built-in drawers or ottoman-style storage, a small double bed with storage ensures you have space to sleep and to store away all your clothes, kids toys and other bits and bobs.
  • Small Double Kids Beds - a small double kids bed has plenty of room to accommodate growing children, meaning you won't have to worry about replacing the bed anytime soon.
  • Small Double Futons - our queen size futons are among the best space-saving options in the Happy Beds range. These are ideal for those who want a minimalist aesthetic thanks to their compact, neat design.
  • Small Double Futons - feel the benefits of pragmatic, laid back sleeping with one of our exceptionally comfy small double futons.
  • Small Double Guest Beds - provide na little extra space for visitors with a small double guest bed.
  • Small Double Day Beds - combining the look of a bed with the functionality of a sofa, our small double day beds are suitable for any room.
  • Small Double Folding Beds - our small double folding beds offer plenty of space for guests to sleep comfortably for a night whilst also saving on space in your home thanks to their folded design!

We have a number of different materials at Happy Beds to suit your bedroom's aesthetic, including:

  • Small Double Wooden Beds - accommodating a wide range of styles and colours, our small double wooden beds are guaranteed to suit any bedroom.
  • Small Double Metal Beds - ideal for contemporary interiors or a more traditional décor, our small double metal beds are a versatile choice.
  • Small Double Fabric Beds - make sure that you can sleep in comfort whilst offering beautiful style to your bedroom with a small double fabric bed.
  • Small Double Leather Beds - our small double leather beds are certain to make a statement in your bedroom with their luxurious style.
  • Small Double Velvet Beds - get the wow factor in your bedroom with a stunningly beautiful small double velvet bed.

So, how do you know if a small double is best for you? We've broken down all the measurements, features and characteristics in our comprehensive bed size guide, so give that a read if you're confused.