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European Single Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds

A European triple sleeper bunk bed is an excellent choice for growing siblings or children who like to have sleepovers. The European single size is slightly larger than a standard single, offering more space to get comfortable.

Space-saving European single triple sleeper bunk beds

Our range of European single triple sleepers are designed to make the most of space in a bedroom. Whether it be by containing additional storage shelves, or featuring a design that makes use of space vertically, our triple sleepers will ensure that space is maximised, giving your children more room to play.

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How big is a European single bed?

Our European single beds have a size of 3' x 6'6". This makes them a little larger than our range of single beds with a length of 3' x 6'3". This means that our European single beds can accommodate both adults and children, and offer more wiggle room for getting comfortable.

Are triple bunk beds safe?

Yes! All of our triple sleeper bunk beds are compliant with the British Safety Standards making them perfectly safe to use. We also have a bunk bed safety guide for more information and advice to help you use your new triple sleeper bunk bed safely.

Are triple sleeper bunk beds easy to build?

All of our triple sleeper bunk beds are delivered flat-packed with easy-to-follow instructions, so you???ll be able to quickly build your new bed in no time! Don???t forget to check out our flat-pack furniture guide to help you with your build.

What other bunk beds are available?

At Happy Beds, we have lots of bunk beds to choose from! If a triple sleeper bunk bed isn???t your thing, why not take a look at:

  • Bunk beds: the standard sized bunk beds, able to accommodate 2 sleepers. Our bunk beds come in a wide range of colours and designs.
  • Quadruple sleeper bunk beds: accommodates up to 4 sleepers with 2 double beds, one placed above the other.