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Single Trundles

Trundle beds are a great way to accommodate extra visitors for a night without taking up too much space in your bedroom. Our single trundle beds are designed to slide underneath a single bed easily, providing space for two guests in a convenient design.

Provide a comfortable sleep for guests with a single trundle bed

A single trundle bed is great to have in your house in case you have surprise visitors. Suitable for use with any single bed with adequate space beneath it, these trundle beds are the perfect choice for adult guests or kids sleepovers.

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2 Items

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A trundle bed is a small bed that is designed to slot underneath a regular bed unobtrusively, providing two sleeping spaces without taking up extra space. Some of our trundle beds are designed to match certain bed styles, whilst others can be used with any bed that has room to accommodate a trundle.

Single beds are great for children, teenagers or adults as they are 3' x 6'3" in size. This means that they can accommodate a solo sleeper with ease, which is especially useful in a guest bed.

We make sure that our trundle beds are designed to be strong and durable due to being made from the highest-quality materials. This means that they can accommodate both children and adults with ease, so you don't have to worry about not having a space for guests to sleep.

You should choose a mattress that matches the size of the trundle bed, so a single mattress for a single trundle bed. The most important thing to remember is the depth of the mattress that you select, as it needs to allow the trundle bed to still slide beneath the main bed.

We recommend that the depth of mattress you choose should be no higher than 16cm, or in the case of some slightly taller guest beds, then a depth of 18cm. Please make sure to check on the product description of each trundle to get a more accurate answer and look at our range of trundle mattresses.