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Bibop White Wooden Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage Drawer

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Reasons to Buy

  • Sturdy bunk bed with underbed drawer
  • Spacious shelving areas
  • Large steps with extra storage areas
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Ideal for kid's rooms
  • Easy to assemble with comprehensive instructions


Fantastic for keeping everything the kids need close at hand whilst in bed and in the bedroom, the Bibop White Bunk Bed with Underbed is a brilliant bunk bed that comes complete with two mattresses. Thanks to the array of separate shelves and drawers, the Bibop White Bunk Bed with Underbed offers an exceptional amount of storage space even with a compact frame, making it perfect for clearing the clutter that commonly occurs in kid's rooms.

A wealth of space

Essentially every area of the Bibop White Bunk Bed with Underbed has been designed to house belongings, with shelving areas all around both of the sleeping areas as well as under the large steps. There's also a gigantic underbed drawer, the likes of which can be used to store items of clothing and sheets or be used as a third sleeping area.

Sturdy, safe and superb

Built to be durable, the Bibop White Bunk Bed with Underbed features a design that's both sturdy and accessible. Bulky stairs provide an easy means to access the upper sleeping area, whilst the border and lips prevent any risk of rolling out of bed. The compact design of the frame itself and solid bases grants both sleepers a comfortable yet secure sleeping areas.

Simple to construct

Crafted from high quality materials with a design that's easy and innovative to assemble. Provided with the Bibop White Bunk Bed with Underbed are comprehensive, simple to follow instructions that makes assembly an easy process.

European Single Bed Frame:

  • A - Height: 171 cm
  • B - Length: 245.5 cm
  • C - Width: 114.5 cm

  • D - Distance Between Bunks: 72 cm
  • E - Ladder Width: 38 cm

  • F - Bottom Storage Height: 32 cm
  • G - Bottom Storage Width: 92 cm
  • H - Bottom Storage Depth: 36 cm

  • I - Middle Storage Height: 26 cm
  • J - Middle Storage Width: 80 cm
  • H - Middle Storage Depth: 36 cm

  • I - Top Storage Height: 26 cm
  • K - Top Storage Width: 65 cm
  • H - Top Storage Depth: 36 cm

  • L - Top Shelf Height: 25 cm
  • M - Top Shelf Width: 80 cm
  • N - Top Shelf Depth: 16 cm

  • O - Bottom Shelf Height: 25 cm
  • P - Bottom Shelf Width: 64 cm
  • Q - Bottom Shelf Depth: 16 cm

  • R - Under Bed Storage Height: 15 cm
  • S - Under Bed Storage Width: 201 cm
  • T - Under Bed Storage Depth: 92 cm

  • Weight: 197 kg

Mattress Size: 90 x 200 cm

Recommended Mattress Height: 18 cm

All measurements are approximates.

Assembly Manuals

To make things that little bit easier, you can find comprehensive instructions for your chosen product within this section. In case you need any more help or assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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