1 in 3 Adults Are Expecting Their Worst Sleep of the Year This Christmas Eve


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1 in 3 Adults Are Expecting Their Worst Sleep of the Year This Christmas Eve

T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

If only!

We know that the often-quoted poem by Clement Clarke Moore couldn’t be further from the truth and sleep over the festive period is precious. So, we decided to build upon our research and Christmas Wake Up Calculator from last year to find out what the average parent’s sleep is like at Christmas Eve.


Here’s What Our Christmas Sleep Survey Found…

Yep, that’s right, our survey of 1,000 people found over-excited children wake up their parents on average three times on Christmas Eve.

The nationwide study found that, on one of the most magical nights of the year for small children, seven in ten mums and dads will end up telling their littles ones off because they just won’t go to sleep.

The average primary school aged child will spend more than an hour (66 minutes) in bed trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve before they finally drop off for the first time, then will wake up their parents three times before morning.

In fact, more than four in ten (46%) kids will end up sleeping in the parental bed after hours of tossing and turning.

To add insult to injury, a staggering three quarters of British children will wake up before 5am on Christmas Day, and then be unable to fall back to sleep.

Three quarters of fatigued British parents say they are forced to stay awake for longer than they would like to on Christmas Eve because of their little ones.

This means that the average parent will have to survive Christmas Day on just five and a half hours sleep.

The survey of 1,000 parents to children of five to 12-year-olds found that Norwich and Nottingham will have the best-rested parents, who’ll be getting, on average, 6 hours 20 minutes on the big night. That’s compared to Liverpool and Belfast who only get 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Parents in Brighton will go to sleep at five to twelve, compared to the snoozy city of Oxford where they’ll be turning in around 9pm.


So, What Effect Does This Have on Christmas Day?

Seven in 10 parents of primary school aged kids expect to feel utterly exhausted on Christmas Day because of the nocturnal shenanigans of the night before. One in ten wish more than anything that their offspring won’t get so over-excited on Christmas Eve.

This lack of sleep can have a big impact on the big day itself. 15% of parents say their children are always completely shattered on Christmas Day, and unable to enjoy it to the full, whereas 11% claim that not having enough sleep spoils the whole day for everyone.

The data also found that a very weary one in twenty parents has even burnt Christmas lunch because they were so sleep deprived.

While one in ten claim they are dreading a day of family rows because everyone is so exhausted.

But it might not just be down to the kids, as nearly a fifth of parents say they can’t sleep because they’re so excited.

In fact, a third of parents believe that Christmas Eve is the night of the year when the whole nation gets the least sleep.

The study found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that a fifth of UK parents say their ultimate Christmas present would be a lie-in on Christmas Day.

Last year, we found that half of parents use the scare tactic that ‘Santa won’t come if you’re wide awake’ in order to get their children to sleep.

If you’re not quite ready to pull that card, make sure to stick to a routine on Christmas Eve to avoid building up any extra excitement, as well as also limiting the amount of sugar consumed before going to bed – however yummy a festive feast you have. This should minimise disruption and hopefully ease slumber. 


Get Your 40 Winks This Christmas With Happy Beds’ Help

Here at Happy Beds, we believe a good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable and supportive mattress. However, we recognise that it doesn’t matter how great a bed is, if your little ones are jumping on it while you try and sleep. So, we’ve put together a handy blog piece on how to get your children to sleep on Christmas Eve.

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