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13 Ideas To Make A Cosy Bedroom

13 Ideas To Make A Cosy Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary away from your world – whether it's just to curl up under the covers to sleep or where you escape to watch TV or read in peace. As the days get colder and longer, turning your bedroom into a cosy haven is something many of us can relate to, especially on your days off!

Some people might go for a complete bedroom renovation with repainted walls or new wallpaper, but some might opt for smaller touches that can be removed when summer rolls around. Whatever you're looking for, we've put together plenty of fantastic cosy bedroom ideas for any budget or home!

The best ways to create a cosy bedroom

Chunky knit

1. Embrace chunky knits

We'd argue that there's nothing cosier than a thick blanket to get wrapped up in. Take this one step further in your bedroom by buying a chunky knit blanket! Some are extra chunky, with thick loops of yarn or wool, whereas others might be a little thinner. Either way, they're social media-worthy and will warm you up on a cold night!

Plenty of layers

2. Burrow with plenty of layers

We've just pointed out how cosy is all about getting all wrapped up, so burrow into bed by layering up with blankets and sheets. Add a throw to the end of your bed for a pop of colour and to keep your feet warm at night!

Perfect scent

3. Choose the perfect scent

Whether you opt for a scented candle, incense or a reed diffuser, the right scent can be a game changer for your bedroom. If you're looking for something to help you drift off, then lavender is a classic for a reason. Otherwise, you might want to fully embrace the warm feeling and opt for something sweeter, such as the scent of cookies!

New curtains

4. Invest in new curtains

This might not be an area of your bedroom that you think too much about, but your curtains can influence how warm or cold a room is. If you want to keep your room warm, consider investing in thermal curtains that help trap the heat inside a room. An advantage to thermal curtains is that they also help keep your room cool in summer and keep out drafts.

Stylish prints

5. Use stylish prints

Add some dimensions and depth to your bedroom by choosing printed bedding – this makes your bed look more inviting and encourages you to experiment with various colour palettes. Mixing up your prints with curtains and pillows can help to make your bedroom feel truly lived in, making it the number one place to be.

Warm lighting

6. Adopt warm lighting

Light up your bedroom with warm-toned lightbulbs in your bedside lamps to add that cosy feeling. Or, you could go for the full whimsical feel and add fairy lights and some scented candles! Make sure not to use bright bulbs, as this can make an area feel cold and unwelcoming and try to avoid using the main light in your bedroom – you ideally want small pockets of warm light.

Colour palette

7. Create your ideal colour palette

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, you might need to consider whether your bedroom's colour palette works. Pale walls seem cold, but you can warm them with darker bedding and decorations. The best colour palette to truly get that cosy bedroom feeling is creams and browns, making us think of warm nights by the fire!

Textured wallpaper

8. Decorate with textured wallpaper

There's something particularly satisfying and cosy about different textures coming together, and a great way to add this to your bedroom is to add textured wallpaper. Whether you opt for a single feature wall or decide to wallpaper every wall, this type of wallpaper can help to add extra definition to your bedroom and make it feel warmer.

Cuddle with pillows

9. Cuddle up with pillows

We probably don't need to convince you too much to add more pillows to your bed – the more there are, the more you can burrow into your bed! Choose extra soft pillows with linen or velvet covers, or add some cute plushies or cushions to add character. Whatever you choose, it's a surefire way to make your bedroom the number one place to be.

Cosy rug

10. Keep toes warm with a rug

There's nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night and suffering through cold floors, so banish this with a rug. Rugs come in various shapes, sizes and textures to keep your toes warm even on the coldest mornings! The best thing about rugs is that they can be a cost-effective way of changing your décor without spending too much time or money!

Wooden furniture

11. Turn to wooden furniture

The rich look and feel of wooden furniture can instantly add warmth to a bedroom, so we'd recommend investing in wooden furniture if you're looking for the ultimate cosy bedroom. Plenty of beautiful wooden bedroom furniture pieces are available in various shades, including oak, pine, mahogany and more. If you're determined to use metal furniture, we'd recommend opting for warmer tones such as gold or bronze.

New mattress

12. Sleep comfy with a new mattress

When we say the word cosy, we think of being curled up in bed, so we definitely think you should make sure your mattress is as comfy as possible. If your mattress is getting old by feeling a bit lumpy, it might be time for something new. Pillow top mattresses can feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, whether memory foam mattresses mould to your body. If your mattress is perfectly fine, maybe it's time to invest in a fluffy mattress topper.

Fabric bed for warmth

13. Add a fabric bed for warmth

If you want the ultimate cosy experience, you might want to invest in a fabric bed. These beds are usually fully upholstered in a fabric, such as velvet or linen, and are soft to the touch, helping to keep warmth in a room. Many upholstered beds also have padding on the headboard, giving you somewhere soft to rest your head! If fabric isn't your style, keep the warm look by choosing a wooden bed in rich pine or oak!

Ready to create your perfect cosy bedroom?

So, whether you're looking for a whole bedroom revamp or want to add small touches, there are plenty of ways to create a cosy haven. Just remember that everyone's idea of cosy is different, so if these ideas are vibing with you, then experiment until you find what works for you!

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