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14 Amazing Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

14 Amazing Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

If your little one has grown out of their nursery and wants a big kid’s room or they’ve entered the dreaded teenage years, you’re probably thinking about redesigning their room so it’s a bit more age-appropriate. Are we right?

Some of us simply don’t have the time to trawl through home décor magazines so getting design inspiration can be tricky. Don’t worry - we’re going to come to the rescue! Here are 14 children’s themed bedroom ideas that your kids (and their friends) are sure to adore:

1. Beach Vibes

We may not always have gorgeous warm weather here in the UK, but who needs to travel thousands of miles to chill-out by the turquoise blue sea when you can relax with your child in their very own beach themed bedroom?

Use simple white wood in your little one's bedroom to bring a touch of the New England coastline into their world. Our American White Finish Solid Pine Wooden Bunk Bed Frame is an ideal way to do so! Couple with some marine-themed bedsheets and some turquoise wall paint and you'll have a brilliant beachy bedroom!


2. Explorer!

Children are true explorers at heart. With their imaginations, they can travel all over the world and we should encourage them to!

Our wonderful customer @marayhouse styled this bedroom fit for any explorer using our Stella Oak Wooden Kids Low Sleeper Cabin Storage Bed Frame. Adding a touch of wallpaper is a brilliant and easy way to create a themed bedroom for your little one that will be envied by all.


3. Superhero Style

Superheroes are the in thing at the moment! To have a superhero bedroom has to be every kids dream.

Our customer @thefabulousmrsc created this amazing superhero-themed bedroom oozing the save the day style! Simply adding framed prints, cool coat hooks and themed bedding this bedroom went from drab to fab! See, it doesn't need to be hard! This brilliant bedroom features our Snowdon White Wooden Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed.


4. Safari Tour

Is your child a Zoologist in the making? If so, why not try and create them a safari themed bedroom? Our Milo Grey Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed Frame features here surrounded by wonderfully painted jungle leaves and animal toys!

Styling a themed bedroom doesn't need to be a task!


5. Secret Treehouse

Does your child like having a space to call their own? Yes?! Why not try our Mento White Wooden Treehouse Bed Frame. With this bed, we can bring the outside world inside and your little one can feel like they have their very own treehouse in their bedroom!

Customise it as you please - check out our Instagram to see different ways our customers have for some awesome inspiration.


6. Construction Pit

There are two things that we all know kids love to do, make a mess and feel like they're helping. What better way to encourage them to do both and create them a construction themed bedroom! That way they can build and make mess to their hearts content!

Our JCB Bedroom Set is all you need to create this construction themed bedroom.

7. Princess Quarters

Bring every royal bedtime story to life and create your little one their very own Princess themed bedroom. Soft pinks and roses are the perfect foundation for this bedroom!

Our Rose 4 Poster Toddler Bed would make a fabulous centrepiece for this bedroom and ensure that your toddler can snooze like a Princess! (No peas in sight hopefully).


8. Racetrack Zooming

Ready, Set, Go! Create your child a racetrack themed bedroom now! Pop some street signs on the walls and fill the shelves with matchbox toy cars. Red and black will be the colours to stick to with this bedroom.

Our Scorpion Racer Car Bed is the perfect way to finish this bedroom off, your little one is sure to dream of zooming around the tracks when they lay their head in this bed.


9. City Cruising

If your little one is a city lover this might be the way to go! Create their very own London Town in their room. Fill it with tube station signs and colours or if they would rather, London fashionista prints.

To really complete the look, why not get them their very own London Bus! Only joking, it's a bed, but we are sure you can agree it's an awesome one!


10. Gaming Mad

Is your little one gaming mad? Why not make this a theme in their bedroom? Our Galaxy Grey Wooden Gaming High Sleeper Frame is a great starting point, it can accommodate a 55-inch TV!

Fill the room with gaming chairs and memorabilia from their favourite games! Whether it be Mario and Luigi or Fortnight, your child is sure to love their awesome new room.


11. Surf the Waves

Isn't this Campervan Bunk Bed awesome? It's the perfect starting point for you to build your child their very own surf themed bedroom.

Blue tones will be your friend here, alongside whites! Keep the colours light and bright to emulate those beach vibes. Your child is sure to be the envy of all with this cool bedroom.


12. Walking with Dinosaurs

All little kids dream of walking with dinosaurs. Unfortunately, they can't but we can create them a room filled with dino style! Our customer @fallenforfinn has used dinosaur stickers to create a themed wall decal, what a good idea!

Coupled with our Mission White Wooden Storage Bed and some stylish dinosaur sheets this room is basically a visit to Jurassic Park!


13. Pirates Life

Give your little one somewhere to hide their treasure and create them a pirate-themed bedroom! Use lots of wood tones to create a shipwreck vibe. Our Captains Waxed Pine Wooden Storage Bed is perfect in design and your little one can hide all of their prized positions in the underbed storage!

Maybe add a giant X somewhere, remember, X marks the spot!


14. Bookworms Paradise

Perfect for the studious child, a cosy library-like bookworm paradise. Fill the walls with tall ceiling-high bookshelves ready for all their stories - the room is sure to be filled with colour because of all the beautiful spines.

Why not pop some framed book front covers on the walls? So everyone will know your little one's favourites books! Our Fabio White Wooden Bookcase Storage Bed would look fabulous in a book filled bedroom (and with this one, no books will end up scattered on the floor).


Be Inspired with Happy Beds’ Help

We believe a bed can make or break a bedroom décor theme. So, whether you want a princess room or a treehouse den, we can help you find the perfect bed to fit in with your children’s themed bedroom ideas.

Explore our selection of stylish, yet practical, children’s beds online or tweet us @HappyBeds to discuss your design inspiration needs.