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4 Summer Bedding Tips to Keep Cool

4 Summer Bedding Tips to Keep Cool

Hoorah! Summer is around the corner, and it looks set to be a scorcher. Bring on brighter skies, longer days and plenty of sunshine. Though one thing you need to make the most of all the fun is good, quality sleep.

If you are one of the many adults who struggle with overheating, summer is likely not your favourite time of year. Though the good news is with the right summer bedding, you will be snoozing cool & comfortably. Let’s get you set up.!

Here's how to sleep well in the warm summer months

blue bed sheets

1. Switch up your bed sheets

The first essential for a well-rested summer is to have the best summer bed sheets. What you get wrapped up in in the warmer months could be the reason you are tossing and turning. Thermo-regulating fabrics like linen or Bamboo are your best bet. The naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial fibres are silky smooth, soothing your skin, protecting against allergies and keeping bedtime ultra-fresh.

Bamboo bedding is ultra-breathable & moisture-wicking, which means no more sticky nights and far brighter mornings. So, this should be hitting the top of your new summer bedding list!

woman hugging duvet

2. Drift-off in a Summer Duvet

You throw off your luxurious king size summer duvet, and then you pull it back on; ah, the struggle to stay cool and cosy throughout the summer is real! Though there is a sunny solution - having a cooling duvet! During Summer, it is best to lower the tog of your duvet to no more than 10.5. As well as lowering your tog, choose naturally cooling fabrics for the filling.

Natural materials like cotton, linen and bamboo are far more breathable and sweat-wicking than synthetic fabrics. Not a fan of changing your duvet every season? Choose a thermo-regulating seasonal duvet, like Panda’s Cloud Duvet. Treat yourself to their summer king size duvet, and you will be snoozing happily all year.

mattress topper

3. Wake up on Top

With your bedding sorted, how else can you cool down and keep your summer nights super comfortable? Your mattress could be another culprit of tossing and turning. A cooling mattress or mattress topper is an excellent investment in the quest for a good night’s sleep during summer. A cool orthopaedic mattress or mattress topper will work seamlessly with your summer bedding and duvet and keep you supported, cool and comfortable from lights out till morning.

Memory foam mattresses and toppers are easy to keep clean and will prevent overheating whatever the humidity. Keeping you properly supported & waking up on top, ready to enjoy the sunshine


4. Perfect your Pillows

Bedhead takes on a whole new meaning in the summer months. Waking up with sweaty, frizzy hair can ruin your day before the first cup of coffee. The good news is the right summer pillows can help with fabrics like Bamboo that are naturally smooth & moisture-wicking, preventing sweat and static motion that can cause frizz.

Hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial pillows will also protect your skin, especially if you suffer from skin conditions like acne and eczema, which can be particularly uncomfortable in the summer months. Finding the perfect summer pillow will keep your hair, skin and mood glowing all season.

Enjoy Summer through simple tweaks

Summer is the best time of year, though ensuring you get enough rest is vital to staying happy and healthy. These easy-breezy summer bedding tips will keep bedtime cool & comfortable.

We're embracing the warmer weather and kitting out our bedrooms with fresh and light summer duvets, airy summer bed sheets, and more!

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Enjoy the sunshine!

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