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5 Impressive Features of TV Beds

5 Impressive Features of TV Beds

We all love to have a relaxing evening or (or mid-afternoon, no judgement) in our beds, enjoying the bliss of knowing that you don't have to worry about anything, and can simply chill out. Some people may like to read a book; many will enjoy scrolling through their phone, and others will take a carefree nap to make the most of their time.

But is there anything better than watching television in bed? Whether you're watching a new film, your favourite TV series for the fifth time, or even playing the latest video game on your console, a bed is the ultimate way to relax in pure comfort.

You may be wondering what some of the other benefits of a TV bed may be, and we can help with that. From a TV bed with storage, to a luxurious super king TV bed, there's plenty to talk about! So here it is, 5 of the most impressive features which will make you want to buy a TV bed!

Why should you buy a TV bed?

1. TV beds save on space

Flintstone TV bed

Image Credit: robynandteddy_

For most people to accommodate a TV in their bedroom, they likely need an extra unit such as a chest of drawers that is high enough for the screen to be visible or for the TV to be wall-mounted. TV beds eliminate this need for extra space as you store your TV inside the bed!

But how is this possible? Well, TV beds have special TV lifts built into the footboard. A bed with a TV lift can raise the screen when you want to watch something, and then lower it back down when not in use. And not only does this help to save on space in your bedroom, but it also helps to create a clean and tidy bedroom look!

2. TV beds can give you plenty of storage options

Annecy White Leather TV Bed

Image Credit: homeinteriors_tp

Do you have way too many items in your bedroom? Running out of space to keep a tidy room? Well, an ottoman TV bed has you covered! A multi-functional TV bed with storage, they are perhaps the pinnacle of a bed design as they are not only a bed with TV lift, but they also have ottoman storage!

All you need to do to access this storage area is to lift the mattress using the relevant handle. This will reveal the entire bed base area that will allow you to store bedding, clothes and much more with complete ease. This makes an ottoman TV bed perfect for people who need extra storage space in their bedroom, or if you can't fit additional furniture storage, such as a chest of drawers!

An added advantage to most TV beds is that they also have space beneath the bed to store a TV box or games console, so there's no need to worry about where you'll keep these items. You can rest assured with the knowledge that everything has been thought of with our TV beds with storage.

3. TV beds can give you that home cinema experience

Flintstone Onyx TV Bed

Image Credit: hoppshouse

One of the best things about going to the cinema is feeling completely immersed in a film. The use of surround sound in cinema screens means that you often feel like you're almost part of the film with dialogue, sound effects and music coming at you from all angles.

And how can you replicate that effect in your own home? With a TV bed!

Alongside having the TV located in the footboard, some TV beds have speakers built into the bed. So grab the popcorn, get your favourite drink and snuggle down in bed to get an even better viewing experience than in the cinema!

4. You can connect your phone or tablet to a TV bed

Annecy TV Bed

Want to charge your phone whilst you rest in comfort? Or perhaps you want to make use of the fantastic surround sound that your TV bed offers you. Every TV bed we stock on Happy Beds provides a range of connectivity options that will transform your morning or nighttime routine!

Whether it's USB charging ports or Bluetooth connectivity, they are perfect to help reduce how much you have plugged into the wall. Chill in the morning in a super king TV bed with your favourite playlists, or get ready to sleep with a soothing podcast thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, letting you connect up your phone to your bed!

5. TV beds create a luxurious statement

Flintstone Plume TV Bed

Image Credit: Robynandteddy_

Want a bed that really makes a wow statement in your bedroom? A TV bed is a perfect solution! Not only do they look incredibly beautiful and are available in on-trend colours, but there's perhaps nothing more impressive than seeing a television rising from the footboard! They're sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Whether you choose to have a velvet king size TV bed or instead go for an opulent leather TV bed it's sure to make an impression. TV beds are also crafted to the highest standards alongside using the best quality materials. What does this mean? Well, you can always find the perfect TV bed for your dream décor!

The best thing is, TV beds are most commonly offered in sizes from a double bed, so if you have space then a super king TV bed provides you with the ultimate viewing experience. If you're investing in a TV bed, then why not go all out!

Convinced to get a TV bed?

Now that we've gone over all the best features of our TV beds, are you convinced to buy one?

If you've got plenty of space in your bedroom, then a super king TV bed is sure to be the ultimate sign of glamour whilst still giving you fantastic comfort and the perfect viewing area. Or maybe you want to save on space with an ottoman TV bed?

Whatever you want, whether it's a TV bed with storage or a king size TV bed, we've got a TV bed that will suit your needs!

Have you taken the plunge and bought a TV bed? What is your favourite feature of it? We'd love to hear at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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