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5 Simple Ways to Embrace Maximalist Interior Design in Your Bedroom

5 Simple Ways to Embrace Maximalist Interior Design in Your Bedroom

Would your friends describe you and your personal style as ‘a little bit extra’? Or, perhaps even ‘flamboyant’? Then, we have the perfect décor trend for you.

Embrace maximalist interior design with our following ideas to create an eclectic home, that is just as fabulous as you are.


1. Be Eclectic with Your Tastes

Alex Crabtree, Instagram, @alexcrabtreepr

Maximalist interior design is all about displaying your passion, embracing luxury, and becoming a trendsetter. There aren’t any set rules – it is simply the idea of decorating with items you love, and lots of them, within a rough colour scheme.

So, mix your inherited mirror with a sparkly, new chandelier and adorn a sumptuous pillow top mattress with a home-crocheted throw.

However, if you do want a little order, then why not create a story through your décor? For example, why not pick a theme like ‘nature’ where you stick to more earthy colour tones, a mixture of organic materials, and animal print? Alternatively, why not embrace a movie theme with neon lights, kitsch props, and a monochrome palette with zingy pops of colour?

In short, let your imagination run wild.

2. Proudly Display Collections

Nadia, Instagram, @artynads

From gallery walls to glassware, maximalist interior design is all about showing off your collectables with a more is more attitude. So, rather than hiding away precious items in storage boxes or in your divan base, proudly display them in your home.

Eclectic maximalist design is not about perfection, but personalisation – so really make your house a home with your favourite knick-knacks.


3. Embrace Colour and Pattern

Julia Eldon, Instagram, @SuburbanSalon

In order to make your precious items really stand out, embrace a dark base colour like grey or navy. In complete contrast to the standard beige or white show home shades, this will instantly warm up your space and make colour accents pop, whereas bold wallpaper will add interest.

Julia Eldon’s bedroom, pictured above, is the perfect example of how a dark base and a combination of patterns can make a picture-perfect space.

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4. Combine Texture and Layers

Charlotte Sweeting, Instagram, @_charlottesweeting_

If you’re going to combine colour and pattern, then don’t forget to layer textures too. Lay snuggly knitted blankets and fur throws on the base of a bed of crisp cotton sheets, place luxurious velvet cushions on rattan seating, or add leather coasters to wooden bedroom furniture for a gorgeous mishmash of feelings.

I personally love the combination of faux leather and faux fur and am particularly fond over an oversized tassel.


5. Invest in Quality Furniture

Downton Grey Velvet Bed featured in @Homeofmelchicos, Instagram

Part of the appeal of maximalist interior design is the ease of switching up your space by replacing affordable decorative ornaments and statement pieces. However, we would always recommend investing in quality, long-lasting key furniture items that will stand the test of time.

After all, however proud you are of the maximalist scheme you create, you’re not going to sleep soundly if you have a creaky bed and an uncomfortable mattress. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

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