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5 Tips for Choosing and Displaying Artwork in the Bedroom

5 Tips for Choosing and Displaying Artwork in the Bedroom

Artwork is a great way to personalise your space and add interest to the rooms in your home. It can add a much needed focal point, help to create a statement and can help to tie your interior design scheme together.

However, artwork is often a neglected element in interior design with many people leaving it until the room is otherwise finished before even considering what they want to display on the walls. But this important decision should be made much earlier in the design process.

There are some simple steps that you can take to help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing and displaying artwork in the bedroom. This process needn’t be complicated or stressful, if you take it one step at a time and ask yourself some simple questions.


1. Consider Your Décor

As mentioned, it is far better to plan your artwork whilst designing your bedroom décor. This will ensure that the two work together seamlessly.

You have two options when it comes to choosing the artwork. You can either choose a colour that will exactly match the colours used in the room, or you can choose something that complements or contrasts those colours. The first option will be more subtle, whereas the second will allow you to create a bolder statement with your artwork.

If you decide that the artwork should be the bold statement in the room, it may be a good idea to tone down the other pieces in the room. You don’t want everything to be competing for your attention.


2. Choose the Style

This one definitely comes down to personal preference, as different types of art resonate with different people. Some may like to fill their home with unique one-off paintings, some may opt for reproductions, others may choose framed prints or canvas prints, whilst others may go for photography.

The style you choose is entirely up to you. It makes no difference whether you go for impressionist, abstract, cubism, pop art or something typographic. What does matter though is that you choose something that really appeals to you, has a personal meaning or sparks a memory. It’s important that the artwork speaks to you, so don’t just go for something because it will enhance your room with style and colour.

Just remember that your bedroom should be a calm and cosy sanctuary, so you’d be better off opting for something that enhances this feeling. Your artwork should evoke a sense of peace and tranquillity, so try to choose something soothing that won’t be over stimulating.


3. Get the Right Size

Determining the right size of artwork for your room is often more difficult than choosing the artwork itself. It’s ever so easy to get the sizing wrong and end up with something that doesn’t have the desired effect.

In general, my advice is: if in doubt, go bigger.

By investing in larger pieces, you are able to maximise the impact that the artwork will make.


4. Decide on the Format

For a long time, the gallery wall has reigned supreme. Instagram and Pinterest are full of beautiful images of living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices and hallways that feature a gallery wall. If you decide to go for this option in your bedroom, there are a number of ways to create a fun and eye-catching display.

You can create coherence by selecting a number of pieces by the same artist or several pieces in the same colour palette. You can also create uniformity by choosing several pieces of the same size.

Alternatively, you can introduce more visual interest by selecting different sized pieces and laying them out in a pattern. There are a number of templates online to provide inspiration. The best idea is to come up with a plan by laying the artwork out on the floor first or sticking paper templates up on the wall to find the best layout before committing to holes in the wall.

Recently though, big statement pieces have started to rival gallery walls. They are certainly easier to hang and take far less planning.


5. Position it Correctly

A good rule of thumb to go by is that your artwork should take up two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. When hanging artwork above the bed, you should position the bottom of your frame or canvas approximately 20-25cms above the top of the headboard. This also goes for hanging artwork above furniture like a sofa, table or fireplace mantle.

In other locations, it is considered best practice to hang your artwork so that the centre of the piece is at eyelevel.

Don’t forget though, hanging your artwork isn’t the only option. Art also looks great placed on the floor or on furniture simply leaning against the wall. This will give the space a more casual, laid back look and will allow you to be much more flexible with your artwork as it is easier to move it around and change it up.


Feeling Creative?

By following this advice, you will be able to choose artwork that you love, in the correct size, hung correctly and that enhances your space.

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