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5 Top Tips for Designing a Dressing Room You Will Love

5 Top Tips for Designing a Dressing Room You Will Love

I think most of us dream of a walk-in wardrobe, so if you have the opportunity to have an entire dedicated room… I’m very jealous.

Designing a dressing room that maximises storage and looks stylish deserves some thought. So, I’ve put together a list of top tips for creating a dressing room to help make yours the very best it can be.


Maximise Storage with Wall-to-Wall Wardrobes

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With the room dedicated to clothes, you don’t need to worry about space for sleep. So, forget the bed along the wall and invest in great storage instead. A bank of wardrobes with rails, shelves, and drawers is best.

For those special pieces, or that killer outfit you’ve already sorted for that event in a few days’ time, make sure to set up a hanging rail too. This will proudly display these items and prevent them from getting creased.


Make Sure You Can Admire Your Look

What’s the point in having somewhere to store all your best looks, if you can’t see how they look on? Make sure to invest in a full-length mirror to take in your outfit, hair and make-up all in one fell swoop.

Enjoy the Experience with Friends

If you like to get ready with friends before a big night out, or perhaps have regular fashion shows when deciding what to wear, you’ll also need somewhere for your loved ones to sit and lounge. Whether that’s a chaise lounge or a small sofa, you can’t go wrong.

Though I must admit, I do have a soft spot for our Florence grey snuggle chair. The velvet adds a touch of elegance, whereas the studs make it a little edgy. For something a little bigger, the Lambeth two-seater fabric sofa is also a great shout.

Don’t Forget a Modern Make-Up Vanity

Placed next to a window, dressing tables provide the perfect place to paint your morning face. Keeping all your make-up, toiletries, and beauty electrical close at hand, it’ll provide a comfortable seat for your routine.

I adore this Palermo mirrored 4 drawer dressing table. It has such a simple, classic design, but the reflective element gives it a modern touch. The drawers are plenty deep and made of strong wood, so you can keep all your essentials neatly and safely tucked away. Plus, it helps brighten up a room!


Add a Finishing Touch with Soft Furnishings

So, you’ve got wardrobes, seating, a dressing table and a mirror, and all the practicalities are covered. Now is time to add a touch of luxury with some soft touches.

Add a cushion to your sofa or chair, lay down a rug, and hang some full-drop curtains. These will warm up the space and help with heat insulation too!


What Does Your Dream Dressing Room Look Like?

When it comes to creating a dressing room, what are your priorities? We’d love to know.

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