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5 Ways A Mattress Topper Can Improve Your Sleep

5 Ways A Mattress Topper Can Improve Your Sleep

Sleep, eat and repeat, they say… If only it were that easy. One in three adults don’t get enough kip! Whether it’s a cup of coffee too many or scrolling Insta keeping you blinking past bedtime, lack of sleep means cranky mornings and bad moods.

Many things can help improve your sleep, though the best place to start is making your bed so scrumptiously comfy you can’t wait to dive in. That, dear sleepy head, is where mattress toppers can help. If you are in the market for better sleep and heard a thing or two about these magic toppers, you might want to know what all the fuss is about.

Pour yourself a cuppa and have a read of 5 ways a mattress topper can improve your sleep.

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The benefits of a mattress topper

1. Mattress toppers add a layer of comfort

Of all the things a bed should be, comfy is number one. A topper adds a layer of comfort to your mattress that will make it very hard to get out of bed in the morning. The fluffy layer glides over your mattress, which can transform the feel of your bed. Is your current mattress a tad too hard or getting on a bit?

A memory foam mattress topper will bring it back to life without the hassle of having to change it, saving you money and time to improve your sleep. A win, win, win. How is that for a hat trick? Being comfortable in bed can help ensure you get the proper night’s rest you need to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Better days start with better sleep, so if you’re looking for a comfy way to drift off, you know what to put on your wish list.

2. Mattress toppers keep bedtimes fresh

Mattress toppers get another gold star when it comes to keeping bedtime clean and fresh. For bonus points, choose naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic fabrics like bamboo. A topper with a bamboo cover will bring all the benefits of an eco-friendly wonder plant to your bedroom.

Bamboo is inhospitable to micro-organisms and dust mites, protecting you and your mattress from nasty bacteria, meaning voila fresher sleep. And there is more! A bamboo cover is removable and washable making it nice and easy to clean. Plus, it’s insanely soft! So don’t be surprised if you fancy switching your duvet and bedsheets to bamboo.

You know what they say… Once you bamboo, nothing else will do.

3. Mattress toppers promotes alignment of your neck, spine and hips

Whether it’s too much sitting or skipping those morning stretches, modern life can have our bodies all out of whack. This can make life and moving around rather uncomfortable. What gives? Well, bedtime! A good mattress topper can help promote proper neck, spine and hip alignment while you sleep.

Hydro-foam gel mattress toppers excel in the alignment department. The technology adapts to your sleeping position, keeping you supported and snoozing all night comfortably. Knowing you are taking care of your body is another reason to sleep soundly. And better sleep will have you waking up feeling on top!

Yawn, is it bedtime yet?

4. Mattress toppers prevent sleepers from overheating during the night

Playing it cool by day is one thing, keeping it cool at night is another. Overheating is one of the biggest reasons, so many of us struggle to get to sleep. If you suffer from night sweats regularly, help is at hand. Some mattress toppers feature advanced heat technology, which reacts intuitively to your body temperature.

This genius stuff will keep you cool and comfortable from one night to the next. And to chill things out, look out for bamboo. The wonder fabric is naturally thermo-regulating and highly breathable. Feeling too hot at night interrupts the body’s natural cooling down process; a magic mattress topper promotes deeper rest.

Ta-da - Goodbye night sweats, hello better sleep

5. Mattress toppers help you achieve an early night!

Is all of this talk of bed making you tired? Before you take a nap, there is one more reason a mattress topper can help you sleep. Knowing your bed is cool, comfy and relaxing will make early nights all the more tempting. Let’s face it, sometimes getting those eight hours of recommended sleep can take a back burner to work deadlines, Netflix and keeping up with your social life.

Though not prioritising rest can eventually lead to burn-out. Self-care is vital to wellbeing, and that starts with getting plenty of good, quality sleep. If you’re in need of a few more early nights, a mattress topper will have you counting down till bedtime and waking up feeling magic!

Sweet Dreams

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Add a mattress topper for perfect sleep

So with all these fantastic reasons, we're sure you're going to bag a mattress topper for yourself! Our Panda mattress toppers are a perfect choice, as they are made from premium-quality bamboo that is also sustainable.

Do you use a mattress topper on your bed? How much does it impact your sleep? Let us know via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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