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5 Ways to Create a Vintage, Rustic Bedroom

5 Ways to Create a Vintage, Rustic Bedroom

Ideal for farmhouses, country cottages, or even a period property in the city, ‘rustic vintage’ is our new favourite bedroom décor style. Taking elements from the recent industrial and Scandi trends, it combines salvaged gems with the luxury of modern comfort to create a shabby chic aesthetic.

How to Make a Rustic Vintage Bedroom

Choose Key Items Carefully

Rustic is a term which is usually used to describe big, chunky wooden, stone or brick furniture or structures in earthy, natural tones, and although these colours may be calming, these materials sound less than comfortable – so you need a comforting finish to create a welcoming, homely atmosphere.


Wooden beds are a perfect way to combine the two – using one of the room’s key features to espouse a natural, rustic atmosphere, while also being incredibly cosy. In my opinion, nothing does this better than our Urban Rustic Wooden and Metal Bed.

Opt for Natural Fabrics

Faux fur, cotton, linen, they’re all popular choices for adding texture through soft furnishings whilst staying bang on the vintage rustic trend. Bring in a hint of femininity with an embroidered throw or cushion for some subtle colour or layer different fabrics to add depth to your décor.

I think Malmo and Moss demonstrates this perfectly.


Mix New and Old

Do you have a mirror which once hung around your grandparents’ mantle, a wingman chair you found one Saturday strolling through a flea market, or a character fireplace in the corner of the room? Well, these could be the perfect addition.

If I were going to choose just one of our rustic vintage bedroom tips, it would be to mix new and old.

There’s no alternative for a good quality mattress, especially one that is fresh from the box. So, why not combine Happy Beds comfort with a second hand bedside table? Or, perhaps team a solid wood second hand wardrobe with a modern lighting pendant?

I love how My Little Victorian Home does this with a trendy, woven basket and patinaed antique mirror.


4. Decorate with Fresh Fauna

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh flowers? I think not. Especially in the morning when the sun streams through your window.

Whether it’s lavender from your garden, some wild blooms from a recent walk, or a small bouquet, using foliage and flora as décor is an important, yet affordable element of the rustic vintage trend. Display in a mason jar, antique vase, or a wash jug for optimum effect.

If you’re not particularly green fingered, or worry you’d knock a vase of water over, why not display dried blooms like The Vintage House That Could Does? This not only adds interest, but softens the starkness of the white walls too.


Read more: Lavender to Peppermint: What Scent Helps You Sleep?

5. Get Eclectic with Heirlooms

Last but not least, let’s talk personal items. Raid your attic and ask your parents for bric-a-brac they no longer require, because where better to source vintage items than your own family and ancestors? These decorative items will not only have age to them but will have a familiarity and warmth to them. Plus, it’ll save you a buck or two in the process!


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