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5 Ways To Create The Perfect Gaming Bedroom

5 Ways To Create The Perfect Gaming Bedroom

From Pong to PUBG, Space Invaders to Sea of Thieves, and Fallout to Fortnite, the gaming world is vast and ever-expanding. If you're a parent, then we do not doubt that you'll be aware of the alluring grip video games can have on the curious minds of children, with 91% of children aged 3-15 playing games on any device!

It may come as no surprise that gaming is big business. The UK gaming market was worth £7.82 billion in 2023, so we can safely assume that gaming is here to stay. That's good news for those gaming-mad kids, and parents can sigh relief knowing that video games can offer plenty of positive effects!

Studies have proven that playing video games can improve attention and increase a person's ability to identify the visual and spatial relationships between objects (imagine you're playing a 3D puzzle game and need to figure out how to get a block from one place to another!). Video games aren't only useful for children to learn and develop but can have plenty of benefits for older adults, with a study finding that cognitive performance improved in older adults after playing a 3D game.

So why not indulge your child's love of gaming by giving them the gaming bedroom of their dreams?

5 tips to create the perfect gaming bedroom

Gaming bedrooms are all about style and comfort, so it's essential to ensure you design a bedroom your child or teenager can feel relaxed playing in for hours. On top of that, it also needs to look cool, which is where the style part comes in. Find out our best tips to create a gaming bedroom for teenagers that even the best Twitch streamer will be jealous of.

Gaming bed set-up

1. Rock a gaming set-up

The wrong set-up can ruin a gaming session, so it is crucial to get it right. If they're running a little short on room, consider investing in a gaming bed to give them a gaming space that doesn't take up any more space than a regular bed. A bed for gaming has been specially designed to incorporate a built-in desk with plenty of space for multiple monitors, a PC tower or games console and all their must-have gaming accessories.

Some other gaming beds feature an expansive space underneath the bed that can be used for a TV, so they can choose from plenty of varieties. These gaming beds are all available in neutral colours, such as white or dark grey, or classic gaming colour schemes, like black and red, to lean into the aesthetic!

Alternatively, if there's plenty of space available, why not invest in a gaming desk? Like their bed counterparts, these desks are designed with gamers in mind and include plenty of must-have features, such as space for PC towers. Besides looking cool, they also offer space to complete schoolwork or engage in other hobbies – a Play of the Game if ever we've seen one!

Gaming desk with lights

2. Light up your gaming sessions

Look at YouTube or Twitch, and you'll see hundreds of gamers playing in rooms featuring edgy neon lighting reminiscent of Blade Runner. That's because one of the core gamer aesthetics is lighting – the more colourful, the better! Turn their bedroom into a gaming haven by incorporating LED lights, from the classic red or blue to modern colour themes, including purple or even pink.

There are even LED lights available that can change colour, which will go perfectly with a colour-changing keyboard to make sure they get the full effect. Some ways to incorporate these lights could be sticking them underneath the desk or along the back of the bed frame to make their bedroom glow and help them get into the gaming zone.

Black and red gaming set up

3. Embrace the gamer vibe with colour

One key aspect of the gaming aesthetic is the pops of bright colours against neutral backgrounds. Some of the best gaming rooms feature a white, black, or dark grey wall with splashes of red, blue, green, and more. Use gaming furniture to enhance this impression, as many gaming beds and desks are available that are neutral or have already been painted with a solid and bright colour combination.

Darker bedrooms can also make their monitors or TVs stand out more, allowing them to focus on their games without distractions. Just make sure they have plenty of lighting options for when they need to do their schoolwork or want to relax in some other way!

Gaming chair

4. Sit like gaming royalty

Gaming can be a time-consuming task – those missions won't finish themselves! – so people will find themselves sitting for many hours. Anyone who's worked in an office can tell you that sitting for long periods can cause many aches and pains, which is why many offices will invest in ergonomic chairs for their workers.

These chairs include many features that promote healthy spinal alignment and reduce the risk of problems. A gaming chair takes all the best parts of these unique chairs and turns them into a cool, stylish chair perfect for any gamer. They come in stylish colours, and many are themed to beloved pop culture titans such as Star Wars and more! Investing in a gaming chair ensures that your child or teenager will get all the support they need, though we'd recommend limiting their screen time to have a healthy work-life balance.

Pokemon collectables

5. Display your gaming loot

The gaming world has always had plenty of merch, from plush Mario's to LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn sets. Today, there are thousands of collectables available to buy that are perfect for personalising a gaming bedroom! From classic posters to customised artwork and highly detailed models to mass-manufactured figurines, there are plenty of ways for them to personalise their bedrooms with all things gaming.

Not only that but plenty of gaming accessories have been created that offer practical benefits, too. Whether they want Baby Groot to hold their controller or a PlayStation lightbox to light up their desk, they'll be able to finish off their gaming bedroom and be the envy of all their friends!

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