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Sleep, Glorious Sleep: 8 Reasons You Should Have a Lie in at the Weekend

Sleep, Glorious Sleep: 8 Reasons You Should Have a Lie in at the Weekend

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a lie in. The bed is where we begin and end our days, it is where most of us are most comfortable, and it’s where we spend roughly a third of our entire life. Beds are brilliant, and sleep is an imperative element of life; ergo, we should spend as much time as possible in bed.

It’s not a logical fallacy; it’s science.

The point is that we all love a lie in. I know I do; I’d be writing this in bed right now if I could, and plenty of people and institutions attest to the benefits of lying in. I feel that it is vital for me to discuss these many, many advantages of spending as much time in bed as possible, not to try and justify working from bed to my boss, but for the good of all sleepers… and maybe so that I might be allowed to work from my bed.

And so, let’s get our list on and take a look at why lie ins are completely essential and should totally be a justified reason to be late to work.


1. Because You Don’t Simply Need to Sleep in Bed

Since our bed is so beautifully comfortable, there’s little reason to leave it on a Saturday morning. As long as you don’t need to let the dog out, or go to work, or take care of a child, or any of that non-bed (and thus unimportant) related stuff then why not linger under the linen and enjoy yourself?

No matter how you unwind after a long day or arduous work week, starting the weekend with a relaxing pastime is surely going to kick things off in style. Got a great book to get stuck into? Dive into a rich narrative and a massive duvet. Had your eye on a new release on Netflix? Get that on and cuddle up. Have no reason other than you fancy more time in bed? Go for it!


2. Because It’s Important to Start the Weekend Well

Take it from me; a ruined Saturday morning sets the tone for the entire weekend. Whether you’re still uncomfortably drunk or absolutely shattered from a hectic and hedonistic Friday night or you’re jolted into consciousness because of a bizarre and bloodcurdling dream, waking up on a Saturday without a smile is hard to shake off.

If, for whatever reason, you do stir from sleep and feel melancholy or upset then there are few ways greater than a lie in to give your Saturday a second chance. Sleep it off, give yourself a few hours and wake up feeling a little more refreshed, or simply turn yourself into a burrito within your duvet. I have personally become a burri-Tom more times than I can count, and I highly recommend it.


3. Because it Serves as A Great Bonding Experience

As wonderful as it can be to spend the morning snuggled up with a partner, having a lie in at the weekend can also be a great opportunity to cuddle with a pet or have the kids come into the bedroom and start the weekend with a story or an episode or two of Paw Patrol.

Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had with past partners have been whilst lounging around in bed, especially as it grants one of you the opportunity to provide breakfast in bed.


3.5 Because Breakfast in Bed is a Thing

…In fact, breakfast in bed alone is a reason to lie in. A great cup of coffee, some bacon, maybe a poached egg or two?


4. Because Procrastinating is a Valid Means of Approaching Housework

Anyone who’s been to university knows that procrastinating is an absolutely reasonable way of dealing with any problem; and this mentality doesn’t stop after you get your degree. Housework can always wait, especially when you’re ‘trapped’ in bed.

It’s not just housework that can be excused in order to stay in bed. Any aspect of adult life is fine to put on hold when you can simply snuggle up, so whether it’s the supermarket, some freelance work or family to visit, it can wait.


5. Because There’ll Be No Need to Take a Nap Later

Because even a life of leisure can be tiring, a lot of us are sure to appreciate a nap at some point during the weekend. However, there are probably some of us who need a nap after a particularly long and tiring day; even if that day is filled with playing games or retail therapy. The point is that some of us simply need a nap.

That’s why lying in can be essential for the weekend; a pre-emptive strike on fatigue can keep you feeling fresh throughout the day, leaving plenty of a daylight to enjoy. Then again, why not put your hands together; lie in and take a nap. It’s your weekend, after all.


6. Because You’ll Be Able to Make the Most Out of Your Evening

Speaking of conserving your energy, ensuring you’re making the most of staying in bed early there’s a good chance you’ll be able to keep up throughout the night. This combines the best of two worlds; lying in all morning gives you plenty of energy for staying up and making the most of a Saturday night.

Some might say this can keep you drinking and dancing all night, but personally I’d just have more time to read. Party animal, and all that.

Still, it’s hard to deny that mixing up usual sleeping patterns during the weekend offers a much more relaxing alternative to the usual ‘wake up for a 9 o’ clock start’. Instead of getting up at seven, you can stir from bed at about 10, and in lieu of an early night you stay up until you simply have to sleep.


7. Because Technically, Technically, it Can Be Good for Your Health

A variety of different studies have set out to warrant the refusal to wake up, with universities and hospitals across the world conducting their own research. For example, a South Korean study found that those who lack sleep throughout the week, yet catch up on the weekend, have a 0.3 lower BMI. Not much, but it’s something.

Alternative studies and researchers, such as The University of Ottawa’s Jean-Philippe Chaput, have more or less said that this slight dip is perhaps a corresponding element of how people spend the day (such as snacking instead of eating large meals) rather than how they sleep.

Still, Josiane Broussard from The University of California says that if you have a week of little to no sleep, then two nights of good sleep can reset the clock.
In conclusion, spending plenty of time sleeping over the weekend really is good for you.


8. Because… Reasons

At the end of the day (or rather, the beginning of the day) does anyone really need a valid reason for a lie in? That’s rhetorical, no need to answer; no one needs to justify lounging out in bed. Starfish if you can, cuddle up if that’s an option, do whatever you want when in the realm of your own comfy fortress.

But hey, maybe there are some arguments to be made for lying in that I haven’t made. If you’ve got any preferences, arguments for or against sleeping in, then why not get in touch? Feel free to tweet us, find us on Facebook and tag us on Instagram!

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