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8 Top Tips for a Healthy Night's Sleep

8 Top Tips for a Healthy Night's Sleep

What’s the secret to a good night’s sleep? It’s no mystery. Follow these eight tips and you’re sure to be catching zzzs in no time at all.

1. Try to go to Bed at the Same Time Every Night

It may feel slightly childish to have a bedtime, but it could actually help you to sleep better.

Whether you’re young or old, a routine can help your body regulate its natural clock and create a sleeping pattern.

This will likely result in you feeling tired at roughly the same time every evening and prevent periods where you crash out through exhaustion.


2. Never Sleep in

never sleep in

Not sleeping in is just as important as going to bed at a set time.

Sleeping in on weekends may be necessary after a night out on a weekend, but try to avoid this whenever you can as over sleeping can prevent you from nodding off at night.


3. Avoid Napping

In a warm and comfortable environment, where you’re full of food after dinner, it can be very easy to drift off into a slumber on the couch.

We all know the feeling of closing our eyes for a second, only to wake up 2 hours later! The next time you sit down to relax and find yourself feeling drowsy, pick yourself up off the sofa and get active.

Whether it’s going for an after dinner walk or simply doing the dishes, the activity will get your body moving and prevent you from a nap that can ruin your night-time sleep.


4. Get Out in the Sunshine

get out in the sunshine

The morning sunshine is a great way of waking yourself up after a deep slumber, but did you know early morning sunshine can also help you sleep at night?

Sunshine will regulate your internal clock alongside daylight hours, plus it could have some positive effects on your hormone cycles and body temperature too.

If you’re worried you don’t get enough sunlight, perhaps because you work shifts or due to the great British weather, you could simulate sunshine with a light therapy box.


5. Avoid Tech Late at Night


Resisting the urge to check your emails, the latest posts on Instagram or read the next chapter on your kindle can prevent the soft glow of blue light disrupting your snooze.

The light from TV screens can also suppress melatonin levels and stimulate your brain rather than relax you.

Perhaps try listening to calming music or take a bath before bed instead. Or, if you have to use your devices late at night, try turning down the brightness or using a smaller screen.

Avoid light from the street or passing cars by using blackout curtains and thick blinds. And if you do wake during the night, avoid switching on the main light. Use a torch or a dim lamp instead.


6. Get Regular Exercise

get regular exercise

Exercise is not only good for your waistline, but it can make you feel more awake in the day and help you get your 40 winks at night too.

Exercise can reduce the symptoms of insomnia, improve sleep apnoea and even ensure you spend longer in deep stages of sleep.

So, choose the stairs, walk rather than take the tube and join your kids for a bike ride. Some small changes can make a big difference.


7. Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Improving your sleep environment so that you are comfortable will relax your mind and body, helping you to drift off quicker.

Plus, you’ll be less likely to wake up in an uncomfortable position during the early hours.

Keeping your room cool, shutting doors and windows to minimise noise and investing in a quality mattress can all work wonders. You’d be surprised how many people wake up with a sore back or neck simply because they have the wrong type of mattress for their needs.


8. Consider Your Diet

Diet plays a huge part in your sleep health. From tea to takeaways, you can read all about this in the following blog post: 10 Foods That Help You Get a Quality Sleep


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