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Ways to Add Space In a Small Bedroom

Ways to Add Space In a Small Bedroom

Whether you’re stuck within the confines of a city centre apartment or want to join the hype and reduce your carbon footprint with a smaller living space, we’re here to help you.

Fear not! All is not lost with a small bedroom. Here are 8 amazing fool-proof ways to make a tiny room more spacious, from tricks of the eye to savvy storage techniques. Are you ready to get inspired? Then let’s get into it.


1. Get Rid of Curtains, Let in the Light!

One of the most effective and easiest ways to expand your space is simple – open those curtains! In fact, destroy all curtains and upholstery around the window area. Opting for some shutter blinds or braving the bare will introduce plenty of natural daylight into your home. If you take preference for the introverted technique of curtains closed with cosy lighting and lamps, the chances are your bedroom is going to look a lot smaller. It’s all to do with balancing and reflecting light.

Natural light brightens up the room whilst a lack of curtains creates the illusion of a bigger room – win, win! Each to their own, but if you’re looking to create a more spacious living area then natural light is a must! Don’t worry, you can still get cosy with ambient lighting as and when you want to with this quick and easy home transformation, you’re not making any major adjustments, just letting a little light in. Who knew it would be so easy to change the size of your living space?

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2. Trick the Eyes with Mirrors

Mirrors are for more than just staring at your face in, they are frequently used by professional interior designers to transform smaller rooms into an expanded space. It’s all to do with a trick of the eye – mirrors create the illusion of a space almost doubling in size with the correct mirror and placement. All the rage of 2019, mirrors have found their place in modern interior design, with so many homes taking advantage of their space-expanding properties. A mirror feature wall, a collection of wall mirrors and even mirrored furniture can be incorporated into any bedroom to create a more spacious environment.

Not just a space maximising trick of the eye, mirrors also reflect light to brighten your home for a more clean and roomy home. Mirrored features are perfectly partnered with spotlights and windows to add extra light and make any room look fresh out of an interior design magazine! With the endless designs and variations of mirrors and mirrored furniture available on the market, you can really get creative with this space-expanding technique!


3. Reduce Floor Space With Secret Storage

I cannot stress enough how important the role of storage is in achieving a spacious and tidy bedroom. I’m not talking about your average bulky wardrobe and chest of drawers combo; I’m referring to savvy and stylish storage solutions that are so convenient that they don’t even take up any floor space. A must-have for compact living spaces, discrete and multi-purpose storage systems are a necessity in achieving a bigger home with plenty of room to roam around.

Ottoman storage beds are the perfect solution for smaller homes. By combining two furniture pieces in one, you can finally say goodbye to bulky wardrobes taking up too much space in your bedroom. In some cases, Ottomans can satisfy a full bedroom solution in one space-maximising design. Take a look at our stunning Phoenix Pearl Grey Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed – with this in your home, you can rid excess furniture by adding some multi-purpose functionality to a comfy bed!

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4. Keep Colours Simple

With a small home, how you choose to decorate your living space plays a vital role on the size it will appear. For example, filling will make it look more crowded and smaller. Leave the excessive patterns to the larger homes and keep it simple and incredibly stylish by using plain upholstery throughout your home.

Not only will this choice make your home appear more spacious and expanded, the simple designs also introduce a modern theme. Simple and elegant upholstered designs can still be cosy, with the right colours and accessories you could achieve a spacious illusion with a welcoming feel – plain upholstery with statement cushions such as fur textures are highly contemporary and add a cosy finishing touch to your now expanded living space. Less is definitely more in modern interior design, with endless stunning upholstery colours to choose from to get creative.

We love a good grey bed as a basis of any bedroom scheme, and white beds offer a modern minimalist touch.


5. Rugs Can Be Your Best Friend (or Worst Enemy)

Many underestimate the power of a rug. The size, colour and placement of this furnishing can either make or break your home, with specific requirements needed to suit those wanting to make their home appear larger or smaller.

The size of a rug is vital. A rug too small can create an unwelcoming aura of a room, whereas a rug that’s too large can make the room appear dramatically smaller. A good-sized rug placed in the centre of the room could expand your living space, just make sure the rug is not touching any furniture items as this will make your home look overcrowded and smaller (extra tip: visible legs on furniture items such as beds and sofas create the illusion of a bigger floor space).

In terms of design, you want to select light and brightening colours for the perfect rug for a small home, as dark colours tend to absorb light and create the illusion of a smaller home. Think whites, neutrals, pastels and other stylish light tones to transform your home into a cosy yet large living space!

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6. Incorporate Hard Working Headboards

As we saw with the ottoman beds. incorporating storage into your bed and bed frame is an excellent way of saving space and eliminating the need for excess furniture, after all, the ultimate tip for a larger bedroom is simply to have less furniture!

Many headboards have internal shelving included to offer a savvy storage space whilst using the same amount of floor room. The days of bedside furniture are dead, with shelving and drawers and every storage feature you could think of now being designed into a space-saving bed frame. The most tidy, organised (and of course spacious) bedrooms will certainly have some form of savvy bed frame which allows them to store or display items to rid of the out-of-date storage furniture that has cluttered up smaller homes for too long. Need some inspiration? Take a look at this stylish Fabio White Wooden Bookcase Storage Bed – satisfying all of your storage and sleeping needs with limited floor space used.

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7. Paint Bright Colours

When planning the colour scheme for your compact home think: bright, white and eye-catching not dark, gloomy and busy. The theme and colours you choose to fill your bedroom with shapes how your room will appear. Opting for plenty of white tones with pastels and neutrals help to design a modern two-tone theme and will brighten up your home to create a more spacious environment.

As I mentioned earlier, natural light and simple upholstery designs are essential to a more spacious bedroom. If you want your bedroom to appear bigger, avoiding dark colours and busy patterns is always a good place to start. Incorporate some light tones and white shades into your home and instantly see a more spacious environment, truly the cheapest form of home expansion you could ever come across!

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8. Try the New York City Method

Last but not least: when designing a bedroom, think outside the box. Forget the conventional idea of a bedroom needing a bed, wardrobe and drawers. Bedrooms don’t have to look the same anymore! You can really get creative with how you style your bedroom. Whatever you chose to do, your design will reflect your own personality and will look pretty incredible. Whilst the previous tips are effective methods of expanding space, designing a bedroom personal to you is essential for a pleasant living environment. Particularly for smaller homes, banishing the idea of an out-dated and conventional bedroom layout could really work in your favour.

I know unique creativity is easier said than done, so if you’re struggling for inspiration, I’d recommend taking some inspiration from The Big Apple! Many New York City apartments (known for their tiny size) have quirky layouts to improve their available space. Think loft beds, rolling ladders and savvy studio spaces. A city full of artists and creatives can really inspire you how to transform your boring and crammed bedroom into a cleverly designed and spacious home! After all, it is not about the size and structure of the apartment it is how you choose to utilise the space available.

Interior design is all about making your mark on a building to make a house a home. Fill your living space with things important to you and styles that are suited to your own personality, after all, no one will be in there more than you. Whether it is an all-white pristine bedroom with matching furniture or a unique theme of an array of pastel colours to create a pleasing rainbow bedroom – the choice is entirely down to you. Every house is different; it’s up to you to make it a home.


Share Your Secrets!

Here at Happy Beds we just love to give a little advice on the hottest interior design trends and essential tips to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your home. Do you have any well-kept secrets you’d like to share? Perhaps you’ve put our tricks to the test? Let us know your personal thoughts and experiences through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – we always love hearing your opinions!

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