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All Things Grey: Timeless Trends for the Perfect Home

All Things Grey:  Timeless Trends for the Perfect Home

Let’s talk about the colour grey. With connotations of all things modern, there’s a reason why grey furniture and décor are the go-to design for the majority of homes. Grey has been in circulation in the interior design bubble for years and it shows no signs of wearing out any time soon, so if your walls are thick with layers of different colours from across the years, it may be time to opt for a more timeless interior theme. Find out why I think a grey bedroom is the way to go, below.

Make an Everlasting Statement

As one of the largest items in your home, choosing the right bed can either make or break your home interior. Studies show that we spend 33% of our lives in bed based on a daily eight hours of sleep for the average person. That’s not even considering all of the endless evenings and hours spent in your bedroom relaxing with your favourite book, getting dressed every morning and evening, or indulging in a well-deserved Sunday morning lie-in.

If you’re feeling a little daunted by the idea of re-theming your bedroom, don’t fear, you don’t have to be qualified in interior design to make a beautiful bedroom! A statement bed can completely transform your bedroom and introduce a whole new theme, immediately.

Add a beautiful grey bed to the centre of the room; include a few grey finishing touches across the bedroom through hanging decorations on the walls or a cosy rug to fill the floor. Voila! Your bedroom glows a modern grey theme which simply will not age.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at this beautiful styling of one of our Winged Beds for a clean, understated and bang-on-trend bedroom design with an added storage secret. Keeping things bright and uplifting with warm greys, such as with this grey upholstered bed, and complementing pastel tones is a gorgeous contemporary bedroom theme that we will simply never get tired of!

Downton Bed

Trendy Themes for Trendy Children

One month they may want a space theme to coordinate with their favourite TV programme, and the next month it could be racing cars that are all-the-craze. Who can keep up with the changing minds of children?

Being clever and creative with designing your child’s bedroom will allow you to maintain stylish décor that will be suitable from birth and onwards with no limits, from an on-trend newborn to a fashionable teenager. Think of all that time you’ll save from stripping and reapplying that character wallpaper every time your child moves onto the next craze!

A stylishly neutral colour, grey can be accessorised with limitless colour and decoration to truly make the bedroom their own – think of it as a clean canvas in which your child can make their mark on as a loveable yet timelessly stylish bedroom that will last them the long haul.

For inspiration for a modern child’s bedroom with an aesthetic that will last their upbringing, take a look at this example of our Star Grey and White Children’s Bedroom Furniture Collection in action! A favourite to parents who opt for gender-neutral décor, you simply cannot go wrong with an elegant grey design.


Simple but Effective Touches

Did you know that the average British homeowner spends around £36k on decorating throughout their lifetime? A recent study shows that typically, we re-decorate our homes on average 36 times in total.

Many believe that re-decorating has to include stripping out your entire house and starting again, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A few tweaks here and there can make all the difference without breaking the bank or consuming too much of your time.

The most appealing aspect of grey tones, which has made so many to fall in love with the colour, is the flexibility it has to all homes. No matter what décor your home displays, a beautiful grey piece of furniture will not look out of place and will work wonders to update your home or add an added modern statement.

This could be as simple as including a stylish grey chair, such as our elegant Florence Grey Chair shown below, to compliment a navy wall and contrasting greenery for a bold yet contemporary feel.

Wow Your Guests with a Stylish Day Bed

Day Beds
Decorating your guest bedroom can seem like a challenge to all. We may not be in there a lot, but we still want it to look amazing! As a more vacant room in the house, we tend to decorate our guest rooms once and leave them for the duration – this is why getting the décor just right is as important as ever! Did we mention how flexible and timeless the colour grey was at all?

There is a reason why grey has been such an in-demand colour for so long, with no signs of slowing down or growing boring. Opting for a stylish grey guest bed keeps your spare bedroom on-trend and eye-catching for a long duration without having to pay constant attention and effort. After all, we want our guests to be greeted with a stylish room when they grace us with their presence.

Our elegant Brixton Grey Wooden Guest Bed is the perfect example of a comfortable sleeping solution to host multiple guests, with a flexible exterior to look incredible in any home. Simple, stylish and on trend: what more could you want for your beloved guests?


Are You Feeling Grey?

Here at Happy Beds, we love keeping up with current trends in interior design with new beds and furniture added frequently. We even have an interior inspiration section to this blog!

If you'd like something bespoke, why not build your own bed? Whatever bed or furniture you choose, show us your stunning grey homes on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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