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Are Emerald Green Bedrooms the New Must-Have Jewel Tone in Interior Design?

Are Emerald Green Bedrooms the New Must-Have Jewel Tone in Interior Design?

Unless you have been living under a rock just lately, it will come as no great surprise that in the world of interiors, green is HOT right now. Especially greens of the Emerald variety.

So, while everyone else is busy injecting this ‘on-trend’ shade into their living space in the form of a plush green velvet sofa, why not go against the grain and work it into your bedroom instead?

Happy Beds has a whole host of deluxe green bed designs, each and every one offering you comfort and elegance, not to mention bang-on-trend style. From the Loxley to the Rowan, they’re so sumptuous, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Once you’ve chosen your dream bed, read on for more ideas for how to incorporate this season’s must-have colour into your beautiful new boudoir.

A Deep Green Wall

Feature walls are still very much ‘a thing,’ so whether it’s a maximalist style wallpaper you opt for, or a striking panelled wall, (maybe even a mural?) you are going to hit the style nail right on the head.

Paint shades we LOVE are Glasshouse by Graham & Brown and Mid Azure Green by Little Greene. Wallpaper wise, it doesn’t get much better than a textured watercolour mural or, if it’s something a little louder you’re after, try a vibrant, botanical number.

Bold Wall Art

There is no greater finishing touch for your bedroom than a statement gallery wall. A collection of framed prints in varying sizes with a cohesive theme and colourway can pack a real punch on an otherwise blank wall. It can also help unify your space and enhance the other design elements.

What you frame is up to you, but I love natural close-ups or pictures from our travels. I find them soothing and it inspires me to do more of what I love.

Photo credit: The Poster Store

Sumptuous Soft Furnishings

If subtlety is more appealing to you than big, bold statements you may prefer to inject some emerald green bedroom ideas via a selection of carefully chosen accessories. Cushions, throws and rugs can make all the difference to a bedroom design, without being too in-your-face.

Try using a mix of block colours and patterns for a layered effect or strike a contrast with crisp white bedding against some rich green velvet cushions.

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A Flurry of Foliage

Plants are the perfect way to inject a little green into your bedroom and you can add as many or as few as you like. From mini succulents to floor-standing palm plants, the choice is huge. There’s lots of fun to be had in picking pretty receptacles for your greenery too.

And if all this hasn’t got you reaching for the paint chart, head spilling with ideas for an emerald-inspired bedroom, we’re certain these last few inspirational images will.

I’ve included these to remind you to consider your accent colour when planning the décor details. Shades that pair perfectly are rose pink, monochrome, and neutrals like cream and beige.

Happy decorating!

Photo credits: Sico Paints, and The Poster Store

Are You in Love with Jewel Tone Bedroom Décor?

When it comes to dark green bedroom ideas, these are just some of my favourite. Emerald is becoming increasingly popular and may even become the new teal!

Laura and I are great fans of using blues and greens in our homes (@_homebirds_) so would love to see how you decide to incorporate this shade into your space. Share your images with Happy Beds over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to tag us too!

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