Asking Britain’s Bloggers: Eco-Friendly Tips for the Home


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Asking Britain’s Bloggers: Eco-Friendly Tips for the Home

If you’re after some green living tips, besides from eating avocados and drinking matcha lattes, then you’ve come to the right place. The nation is becoming increasingly eco-conscious in an attempt to help save the planet and reduce energy bills, and I think it’s great. Not only are we looking after the Earth, we’re looking after our pennies too!

So, what can you do to make your home green? Here I share my own tips, as well as tips from some of Britain’s best lifestyle bloggers.

Washing on the line

Make the Most of Every Cycle

As tempting as it is to put the dishwasher or washing machine on as and when you feel like it, make an effort to only run them when they’re full. Half full loads will result in you using more water than you need to.

Effortlessly reduce water waste by filling the drum of your washing machine and making sure your dishwasher is full – even if this means waiting until after dinner to put it on. As much as I want to stick the dishwasher on after my boys finish breakfast, I resist and wait until much later when it’s completely full!

Remember, the more water you conserve, the more money you’ll save too.

Bathroom tap

Turn the Tap Off

I do my best to practice green habits around the home, and I try and get my boys to follow suit. After years of me badgering them to turn the tap off while they brush their teeth, they now no longer leave the water running.

This small action can save up to 200 gallons a month, so it’s definitely worth getting into the habit of turning off the tap while you brush. If you really want to embrace eco-friendly living, you can turn off the shower while you wash too.

Unplug Electrical Appliances

If you’re not using something, unplug it. It’s that simple. You wouldn’t leave your car running if you weren’t using it, would you? So, why leave anything else unnecessarily switched on? I chatted with Fiona Naughton, who has been in the blogging game for several years and has built up a loyal audience for her blog, Dolly Dowsie. She said:

“One tip I have is to plug things out when you’re not using them. So many things around the home get left on standby and it’s such a waste of energy. I now unplug everything if it’s not being unused – cheaper bills and energy saving!”

Cleaning carpet

Use a Steam Cleaner

When I asked Ruth Cartwright, the blogger behind Craft With Cartwright, to provide eco tips for the home, she said:

“Swap to a steam cleaner and ditch the chemicals.”

And I couldn’t agree more. A chemical-based cleaner can harm the environment, so why not invest in a steam cleaner? Rather than using chemicals to clean, use good old steam instead!

These cleaning systems use only water and steam to clean carpets, so they’re completely free from toxic chemicals. I’ll certainly be swapping my current cleaning system and embracing this environmentally friendly way to clean the home.

Switch Your Energy Provider

Opting for a renewable energy provider is the way forward if you really want to make your home green. Have a look around and compare green suppliers to ensure you get the best tariff for you. Swapping to a green energy tariff is straightforward, so you can start making a difference to the world almost instantly!

Award-winning Cardiff blogger Jane Cook, of food and travel blog Hungry City Hippy, also recommended moving over to a greener energy provider. She shared her tips on how to be green at home and in day-to-day life:

“Carry travel cutlery to avoid plastic from takeouts, get a reusable coffee mug and water bottle, and switch to a greener energy provider like Bulb. Eat less meat, walk more, make do and mend more often.”

Food for thought, hey?


Introduce Houseplants

Purify the air in your home by introducing houseplants. I love houseplants; not only for their air cleaning purposes, but for the effects they can have on our wellbeing. They’re also easy to take care of and can make a world of difference to your space.

Read more: Plants in The Bedroom: How And Why They Can Help Improve Your Sleep

I spoke to co-founder of Ecophiles, Namrata Bhawnani, for tips on how to be greener at home. He said:

“Houseplants not only look nice, they also act a purifier or filter, to clear up the air you’re breathing in. While you’re at it, why not plant a tree in your yard? (a native species, of course!). For your bedroom, try plants that help you sleep better: lavender helps you sleep and reduces anxiety, while aloe vera with its healing and purifying properties is very easy to maintain.”

Dispose of Your Old Mattress the Right Way

So, now you know how to be green at home. However, if you're eco-concious, you should also be aware of how items are disposed of once they leave your home.

If you would like to recycle your old mattress, check out our new collection tool. Simply enter your postcode to find out how much your local authority will charge to collect and dispose of your mattress for you, and whether Happy Beds can help too. Let's do our bit to avoid fly-tipping!