Baby It’s Cold Outside the Covers: Our 8 Favourite Festive Bedding Sets of 2018

Baby It’s Cold Outside the Covers: Our 8 Favourite Festive Bedding Sets of 2018

Now that Black Friday is behind us, Thanksgiving has thankfully been digested and November has been and gone, there’s no denying that we’re almost at December’s main event: Christmas. I’m no Scrooge, whether it’s a McDuck or Bill Murray variant, as even I can feel my small heart growing three sizes as we get closer to that day. Perhaps I should get that checked out.

My point is that even I’m getting into the Christmas spirit, thinking about all the ways I can celebrate this most wonderful time of year. I even got my trusty stead on Red Dead Redemption 2, Horsicus, feeling festive.


But I’m digressing once again, decorating the home is a superb way of getting into the feel of things, and what better way to do so than by ornamenting the home’s most sacred of spots; the bed. Serving as a perfect means of feeling festive from the start of the day and snuggling into the sense that Saint Nick’ll soon be there at night, Christmas themed bedding provides a classic sense of Winter Solstice spirit to the bedroom.

Here at Happy Beds we love anything to do with beds, and so this seemed like the perfect excuse to trawl the internet and various stores for some fantastically festive bedding.



To start things off, the incredibly enchanting Christmas Llamas Bedding Set by Debenhams is nothing but admirable.

A choice that’s frankly worth adorning the bed throughout the year, these ‘fa la la-ing’ llamas are simply cheerful and charming. Perhaps bringing good tidings of great joy to all people, these llamas are gleefully shouldering the likes of, what I hope are, miniature Christmas trees (unless they’re gigantic llamas, which actually is also an appealing thought) as well as a collection of Christmas presents, keeping them in theme yet still prancing past the point of conventional Christmases.

Beyond this (as if one would need any more reason to get these sheets) there’s the alluring, overall colour scheme of clear, winter sky blue peppered with a shower of snow, which lends this set especially well to bedrooms that are already adhering to a light colour palette. As aforementioned, teens and young adults would probably love this set, though honestly I’m in my late twenties and I want this so…

Asda-mazing Options from George


Moving onto slightly more universally acceptable and budget-friendly choices, we take a look at a few new products being offered at Asda. Kicking off this collection is, frankly, a fantastic pun, and as that incredibly tortured sub-header shows, I’m a sucker for a good (or terrible) play on words.

An almost quintessential ‘millennial’ option is the Avo-Merry Christmas Avocado Easy Care Duvet Set (get it? ‘ave a Merry Christmas? Have a?...Okay, as I was saying) which is clad in amusing avocado-themed characters that are both sporting some classic Christmas clothing to keep the focus on the festive occasion.


Another excellent character themed option is this captivating dachshund covered set. Even more brilliant than pigs in a blanket, these sausage dogs are simply, by nature, immensely cute and alluring, so no further explanation should be required. In that case, considering the following elements icing on the cake; all those pups are wearing Christmas themed clothes, and hats, and scarfs, and they’re carrying presents? Oh, how utterly delightful.

Other than these incredibly compelling points, there’s not much more to this bedding. It’s covered in dachshunds set upon a snowy white background with bewitching hot pink and cool turquoise snowflakes patterned on the other side of the duvet. But most importantly, have I mentioned that they’re wearing little hats?


Now, you may be seeing a theme here, but come on; it’s hard to say no to such charming imagery. The final inclusion from Asda is this somewhat more realistic polar bear clad set of sheets, aptly called the Northern Lights Polar Bear Duvet Set. The crisp white background is frequently marked with light grey snowflakes, the likes of which contrast delightfully with the main attractions.

Polar bears positioned in pretty poses clad the majority of these sheets, each of which are adorned with different stag and reindeer horns for that extra festive feel. What sets this bedding apart is the unorthodox yet undeniably mesmerising colour scheme, inspired by the Northern Lights. Deep space purple, ice cold blue and ethereal green all combine as an almost-entrancing bedding choice.

Mosey on to Matalan


Yet another excellent option for those bustling through the busy streets in search of some Christmas themed bedding is good ol’ Matalan. Catering to slightly mature, world-wise demographics, Matalan’s designs never stray too far into the depths of modern style yet still dip a toe in now and then. A case in point, the simply titled Stag Duvet Cover.

Of course, the classic red and white colour scheme is present, and charmingly inverted on the other side of the duvet, yet it’s the winter animals theme that keeps it tied to the Winter Solstice.

Dancing and grazing through the fields of leaves and flowers are rabbits and stags, instantly conjuring images of the snow-speckled forests of the American heartland. A delightful addition to any bedroom, this Christmas themed bedding would work especially well in traditionally decorated, rustic homes.


Matalan offers a sillier side to the holidays as well, offering this rather clear homage to Father Christmas. Basic and bold yet instantly recognisable and endearing, the Mr & Mrs Claus Christmas Bedding Set makes every night that little bit cosier.

Immersed in Santa’s bushy beard, sleepers will be hard pressed to not be in the spirit of the season with this cute addition to the bedroom. This is a choice that’s rife with fun possibilities. After all, imagine getting ready for bed to see your partner perfectly positioned in the middle of the bed, acting a tiny headed Saint Nick? After a while, it’ll start to look weird not seeing them with a massive white beard though, so keep that in mind.

And Everything Else the Internet Has to Offer


Of course, it’s all well and good going from store to store spotting these various charming bedding options, but sometimes the internet provides alternatives you simply can’t say no to. One such example is another lovely and modest choice from, the Look Christmas Slogan Duvet Set.

Frankly, we all know someone who decorated their home with these kinds of things. Framed text images that offer home truths and encouraging words, the likes of which, bit by bit, add a little more feeling of generic homeliness to a house. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, and everyone has their own sense of style, but when I saw this bedding I instantly thought that my Mum and Step-Mum would love it, and who could blame them?


Saving the best for last is something that, honestly, I just ordered for myself; the Santa Paws Duvet Set. It’s got dogs, it’s got a pun name, what more could you want? Look at those pups! What a bunch of good boys, what a bunch of cuties!

This adorable bedding from Julian Charles features a whole litter of different dogs, ranging from Dalmatians to Jack Russells, each wearing their own respective holiday-themed apparel. And there’s a Golden Retriever puppy wearing a bow tie, because of reasons.

Personally, my favourite is the Border Collie wearing a cheap Christmas cracker hat.

These were just a handful of our favourite Christmas bedding options available in 2018, but there might some better ones out there; ones with even more dogs in hats! If you’ve got any favourites (or found one with doggos on it) then feel free to let us know on Twitter, share it with us on Facebook and tag us on Instagram with that brilliant bedding!

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Tom Simpkins
December 4, 2018