Are we excited that the kids have gone back to school? Are the kids excited that they've gone back to school? Let’s make you both happy by introducing you to the Top 5 in our Back To School Beds Class. Furniture has never been so fun and functional.

1. Kimbo Cabin Bed: £540.00 £299.99

Happy Beds Kimbo Bed

Sometimes… sometimes you need to spoil your little one. And we feel like it may be time to do that by letting them choose between the five different colours of the Kimbo Cabin Bed. Yes. FIVE. From pink and white to sleek all-over black, this chest-of-drawers and bookcase (and desk) cabin bed has a little bit of everything.

“A desk perfect for writing stories” – Jennie Edspire, Mummy Blogger & Vlogger

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2. Milo Mid-Sleeper: £755.00 £419.99


The Milo Mid-Sleeper’s desk means that your child has a clear space to do their work. The shelves and drawers allow maximum organisation and storage for books (and toys, too). Coming in two Scandinavian-esque designs and colours, the Milo encompasses everything needed to study the evening away. Or write the evening away. Or draw the evening away! Back to School doesn’t always mean math homework!

The best thing about the Milo? During September 1st-20th 2017, you have a chance of winning one of these – whichever colour you like best! Just head over to our Facebook page and find our pinned post for details!

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3. Cookie Cabin Bed: £450.00 £249.99

cookieThe perfect choice for the more grown-up geniuses. From younger children to teens, the Cookie brings an element of seriousness to the kid’s bedroom-office aesthetic. Coming in a white and grey combination, the Cookie has a solid side desk, big enough for some seriously important projects. The Cookie also comes with a large cupboard for storage, and some pretty spacious end-of-bed drawers, which means they won’t need to go far to grab what they need!

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4. The Mila High-Sleeper: £1055.00 £589.99

mila One for the slightly adventurous and stylish. Because we all know a lot of kids that are both, at the same time. No need to buy a wardrobe. Or desk. Or shelves! What? Why? Well, because the Mila has them all, spaciously arranged underneath the bed. This high-sleeper is perfect for children over the age of 6, and comes in a minimalist, pastel violet and white design.

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5. The Domino Bunk Bed £540.00 £299.99

domino Have more than one little genius? Are they sharing a room? The Domino Bunk is the perfect ‘hey, stop fighting and pick up a book at bedtime, instead’ bed. Coming in three different designs, the bunk has two levels - both bunks have exactly the same shelving so there will definitely be no “but theirs is better than miiiiine” arguments! Line the shelves with books, and maybe a small lamp, so they can read the night away – to a reasonable ‘school-tomorrow’ time, of course.

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