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How to Beat Hay Fever at Night

How to Beat Hay Fever at Night

Sleeping during the summer months can be challenging at best. The warm, muggy nights, trying to battle the heat with an open window just to be greeted by an infestation of moths - it’s a constant battle. It can be even worse when you factor in the fact that over 30% of us Brits suffer from seasonal hay fever.

However, combating hay fever at night doesn’t have to be hard. To help you get the uninterrupted slumber you deserve, we’ve put together a handy guide to get you well on your way to getting a full, hay fever free night’s sleep.

Wash Your Hair Before Getting into Bed

If you have allergies, shower before bed. Pollen likes to stick to your hair, so washing it before going to sleep will significantly reduce the likeliness of you having an itchy throat and experiencing symptoms of hay fever at night.

By washing your hair, you’re getting rid of a large amount of the pollen that’s been building up in your hair throughout the day and you are less likely to transfer this to your pillow and bedding.

Get Some Hypoallergenic Bedding

This one’s a must. Dust mites thrive on the synthetic inners of your duvet and pillows, and pollen can easily get trapped here, triggering your hay fever.

As hypoallergenic bedding is wool-filled, the dry nature of the material means dust mites can’t survive in it - so you don’t have to be sharing a bed with the little sneeze demons! If you’d like to take things one step further, invest in a latex foam mattress from our range here at Happy Beds. Their hypo-allergenic materials and construction will greatly reduce the risk of a nighttime flare up.


Cover Your Bed with a Thin Sheet During the Day

As you’ve probably guessed by now, pollen likes to creep in wherever it can. So, opening your windows is extending an invitation for the most unwelcome house guest of all. And they won't RSVP. In covering your bed with a thin sheet during the day, there’s no way for the pollen coming in to latch on to the fibres of your bed and ruin your sleep. Plus, a stylish throw will look great too!

Keep Pets Out of the Bedroom

While we all love a good cuddle with our furry friends, they’re the perfect hosts for a whole bunch of allergens. By creating a separate sleeping space for your pets, you’re helping get rid of those allergy triggers that flare up your symptoms at night.

Pet hair gets everywhere, so you’re significantly reducing the chances of it causing a flare up if you ban the cuddle monsters from the bedroom, even if they are too cute to say no to.

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Eat the Right Things

Believe it or not, the type of food you eat can either contribute towards or help reduce your allergies. Sugary, starchy and dairy products force the body to produce mucus, which in turn makes your symptoms worse - so avoid them before bed.

Foods that contain the immune-boosting vitamin E, such as fish and egg, are a great help as they reduce the risk of upper respiratory infections. Spices such as ginger, chilli and garlic are a natural remedy because they’re rich in vitamin C - which improves lung function. Alcohol is a no go. Not only does it dehydrate, but it produces histamine in your body - the same chemical that an allergic reaction produces.

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Other Top Tips to Consider

Checking the pollen count is always a good shout, too. Doing this will help you understand when you need to be putting a bit more effort in to reduce the risk of hay fever at night.

Of course, it’s extremely important to treat your hay fever and allergies. We would advise you seek advice from a medical professional, if you’re worried about your symptoms.

If you have any top tips for fighting hay fever sleep problems, we’d love to hear them - share your tips on how to sleep with hay fever on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And, make sure to try one of our latex foam mattresses!

Fight Hay Fever At Night