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Beat the Heat: How to Keep Cool at Night During the Summer

Beat the Heat: How to Keep Cool at Night During the Summer

Things are heating up here and, for many of us, that means less sleep. However, there's no need to dread the long summer nights.

Check out our top tips for keeping cool during summer and how to sleep in the heat.


Keeping Things Simple

First thing’s first; let’s get the simple steps out of the way. Still using a duvet? Swap it out for thinner blankets. Got any ice cubes in the freezer? Add them to a glass of water for a refreshing reprieve throughout the night. Have a window that can open? Open it.

Now that ‘Keeping Cool 101’ has been covered, we can move onto slightly more advanced suggestions.

It’s all well and good buying a fan, but are you making the most of it? Fill a fairly-large container with ice and keep the fan over it; this will help circulate the cold air or straight up blow cooler air straight at you. Alternatively, just point it out of the window, so that you can say sayonara to swampy, humid and way too warm air.

Then there’s the simplest solution of all: sleep in the buff. Go commando, lose the pyjamas, be new to the nude… you get the point. Some may consider it tasteless, even shocking, but it’s honestly a great way of cooling off and keeping super comfortable.


Enjoy the Cool Side of the Pillow


It’s a quick win, sure, but flipping the pillow grants your flustered face a few moments of reprieve during a hot night. More so when you put that little bit more effort in and kick the duvet/blanket over - it’s like being draped with relief manifested into physical form.

There’s also slightly more you can do along the same kind of lines, albeit a little more effort involved. Grab two towels, keep one dry and between you and the mattress, and soak one in water to place atop of that towel. This is known as the ‘Egyptian method’ and has been used to keep sleepers cool since the old days. So, never mind walking like one, you really want to sleep like an Egyptian.

For that extra element of keeping things frosty, you can seal blankets in vacuum bags and put them in the fridge or freezer for a few hours before getting them out to bring to bed. You can also fill a hot water bottle with water and freeze it, making what’s essentially a safe block of ice to keep under your pillow - like a makeshift chillow.


Eat Until You Drop


Another means of making sure you avoid the heat by falling asleep quickly is eating well. It should go without saying that eating well improves more situations than it hampers, but in regards to getting to sleep, it’s a sure-fire way of clocking out for the day. After all, who hasn’t felt sleepy after a large meal?

Cooking and devouring a large and lovely meal a few hours before going to bed fills up the stomach and makes the body somewhat sluggish. Combine this with a warm environment and you’ve got the recipe for a swift means of getting to sleep.

However, be careful not to overindulge or we’re sure this will have the opposite effect, leaving you wide awake and uncomfortably full for hours.


Read our 10 Foods That Help You Get a Quality Sleep blog for inspiration of yummy and sleep-inducing foods to enjoy tonight.


This same sort of approach works well for tiring yourself out; whether it’s with excessive exercise or more carnal activities. If you partner these exhausting methods with a nice, cold shower then not only will you find yourself falling asleep soon, but at a much more chilled out temperature.

The shower approach works wonders anyway, so be sure to jump in to a downpour of cool water at any point if the evening is mercilessly molten grades of hot.


Finishing Touches


If you’re truly dedicated to making your summer nights more akin to soothing nights, then consider mixing things up with the bed itself. Fabrics, such as linen sheets and pillow covers, have been shown to combat warmth. So have thinner, more breathable mattresses and even solid slatted bedframes, which help aid air circulation.

We would recommend a cooling LayGel mattress. Why? Well, this heat-sensitive mattress has a cool feeling to provide a better sleeping experience. Plus, it's supported by reflex foam, so there’s no compromise on support or comfort.

As sad as it is to say to those of you that love to snuggle up, an obvious solution to cooling off is banishing any sleeping partners to a different room. Twice the amount of bodies means twice the amount of body heat, and this holds true even for any pets lingering in the vicinity.

If you already sleep alone or don’t have the heart to kick your partner out of bed, you could revisit the whole ‘Egyptian’ method and hang damp towels over the window. This will help the air circulating through said window be slightly more chilled.

One last, small element that could make a difference is to unplug all the electronic devices in the bedroom. Even when turned off, certain devices, such as lamps and televisions, can produce small amounts of heat. So, go a little greener to relieve a little bit of the heat.


Abandon Ship and Experience the Great Outdoors


If all else fails and the bedroom is simply too warm, why not expose yourself to the elements? If you’ve got a large balcony or a garden, you can practice your outdoor abilities and pop up a tent or sleep in a hammock. Not only can leaving yourself out to the mercy of the breeze serve as a magnificent means of cooling off but as a delightfully novel twist.

Despite the callous nature of one of the earlier suggestions, when you’re outside it doesn’t hurt to cuddle up with a loved one, or a loved pup, and enjoy the splendours of a starlit sky.

Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a blanket of twinkling stars above you, it’s hard not to love camping; no matter how domesticated it may be.


Got Any More Tips for How to Sleep in the Heat?

If you’ve got some sure-fire ways of falling asleep, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to tweet us, find us on Facebook and tag us on Instagram with your thoughts!

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