Better sleep for a better life?


- September 18, 2014

Better sleep for a better life?

Three aspects of life, when combined, can lead to a more fulfilling existence where you look better and live longer. There is diet and exercise to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, but the third piece of the puzzle is sleep. As shown by so many reports, getting enough quality sleep can improve your life in more ways than one.

Tiredness has a big impact on our ability to make decisions. We make poorer choices when it comes to what to eat, and whether to rest or exercise. If you design your own bedroom, choosing the most suitable mattress and bed type – whether with divan beds or custom-made beds – you are ensuring an optimum sleeping environment.

Establishing the perfect sleeping environment stops the negative cycle of gorging on foods and gaining weight. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep can help to boost the Human Growth Hormone that’s produced when in a deep sleep. This gives the appearance of younger-looking skin.

More sleep can mean less illness, reducing the risk of catching a cold. An essential element for attention and concentration, lack of sleep has repeatedly been a factor in school performance reports, and is known to lead to mood swings and feelings of angst and depression.

Society is continually striving for the simplest route to good health and beauty. Rather than looking at pills and potions, it may be as simple as having a look at your sleeping habits and what steps you a can take to ensure you regularly get the rest you deserve.