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Breakfast in bed for someone you love

There are lots of things that you can do in bed. One of the best luxurious treats for the bedroom is to arrange breakfast in bed for a loved one.

Often breakfast in bed is associated with a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, but if you have just bought that luxury king size bed why not celebrate the new arrival with breakfast in bed?

Here are some suggestions on how to make breakfast in bed special for someone you love:


It’s great to surprise your partner with breakfast in bed. Try to sneak out to the kitchen whilst they are still asleep. If they are already awake then creative lying is required to excuse your absence.

The art of the little things

In top class restaurants the little things such as the way the cutlery is laid out, and how the napkins are folded add to the dining experience. Present your breakfast tray as if you were in a top class restaurant. Use your finest china and cutlery. Fold a napkin elegantly and include a flower as a decoration.

Add a gift

Put a gift token or tickets to that show your partner wanted to see underneath the plate. Alternately write a poem on distinctive paper.


Although you may not normally drink alcohol at breakfast time, a glass of champagne can add a touch of class to a breakfast,

Avoid crumbs

Crumbs in bed aren't pleasant, so ideally you should serve breakfast on an in bed tray. If you don’t have one then use a folded table cloth.

Special Food

Though many people prefer a traditional English breakfast with bacon, sausages, eggs toast and so on, you could make something more luxurious such as smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagels. For that ultimate luxury touch add caviar to eggs, or grate truffles over an omelette.

You could make a sweet breakfast with waffles, pancakes or fritters.

If you are not a good cook then you could cheat by purchasing ready made items from a supermarket or delicatessen. You could even sneak out to a fast food restaurant to buy from their breakfast menu.

Washing up

If breakfast in bed is a treat for a loved one, don’t ask them to wash up as that could spoil the pleasure!

Everyone should at least once a year make breakfast in bed a special occasion.