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Can You Solve Our Sleep-Themed Conundrums?

Can You Solve Our Sleep-Themed Conundrums?

We all have our own routines before bed, some people like to watch television, some like to scroll through their Instagram feed, whereas others choose to read. Whatever it is that you do to wind down, we’ve decided to help out and provide some fun and (hopefully!) relaxing bedtime brainteasers to give your brain a nice challenge and distract you from the stresses of the day before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

We have three brainteaser images, each with its own unique challenge that’s sure to get you scratching your head and have you dreaming of sheep, jungles and more when you nod off. What’s more, we’ve provided our average times to solve each one, so the challenge is set to beat us!

1. Woolly Jumble: Counting Sheep

Average time to solve correctly: 2 minutes 43 seconds

Record time to solve correctly: 1 minute 59 seconds

Brainteaser sheep

Counting sheep is a tried and tested technique for those trying to get to sleep – but it’s never been quite as challenging as this! We’ve hidden a number of sheep in the middle of this woolly jumble, but can you figure out how many? The answer is hidden at the bottom of this page!

2. Jungle Conundrum: Find the Snake

Average time: 2 minutes 32 seconds

Record time: 1 minute 22 seconds

Brainteaser jungle

Playing the sounds of the rainforest is a soothing way to drift off to sleep, now it’s time to immerse yourself and jump headfirst into our jungle scene! We’ve hidden a sneaky snake within this jungle puzzle, can you spot the serpent in record time?

3. The Man on the Moon

Average time: 1 minutes 12 seconds

Record time: 36 seconds

Brainteaser Space

Shooting stars and far away planets are the things of dreams, but this particular scene has a special hidden extra. Within this interplanetary mix-up is a lone astronaut floating around, but how quickly can you spot our space explorer?

How did you do with our bedtime brainteasers?

We hope you enjoy these bedtime brainteasers, and they give you a fun and relaxing way to wind down before bed. Avoiding those smartphone screens and televisions is a great move if you’re someone who struggles to get to sleep, so doing a quick puzzle can be the perfect way to test your brain and relax before bed.

How quickly did you solve each one? Get in touch with us on our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to let us know!

By the way, there were 48 sheep!

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