Celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day!


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Celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day!

The Christmas period is over, you’re probably back at work, feeling more tired than you did before you took the time off. Your nights were filled with Christmas parties, huge dinners and way too much wine. Christmas, though many people’s favourite Holiday, is definitely the most stressful. 

How do we tackle feeling exhausted after the busy festive period? Well, it’s by celebrating the Festival of Sleep Day on the 3rd of January, of course!


What Is The Festival of Sleep?

No one really knows when this day came about, or who it was created by, but it is said to have been created to encourage people to have a real day of rest after the busy Christmas and New Year period, and advocates for some serious relaxation. 

We all feel a bit burnt out and are in need of some serious TLC. Here are some ways that you can celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day.


Have a Lie In

This is the most obvious way to celebrate a day dedicated to sleep. Turn off those alarms, keep the curtains shut tight, pop your sleep mask on, and snooze to your heart’s content.

Don’t feel guilty for sleeping. Your brain needs time to rest and recharge, just like a battery, and even more so after the busy festive period! So, if you find yourself feeling exhausted, simply allow yourself to sleep. 

We know that most of you will be back at work when the Festival of Sleep Day comes around. However, luckily, given that it falls on a Friday this year, you can delay your celebrations ever so slightly and treat yourself to a Festival of Sleep lie in on Saturday. But if you’re desperate to celebrate on the day itself, these ones are for you... 


Have Breakfast In Bed

I know it seems like a simple thing, but having breakfast in bed is a great way to start the Festival of Sleep Day 

If you’re anything like me, you get up and eat a bowl of porridge before running out of the door, or grab a banana to eat in the car. On my worst days, I sit at my desk with my stomach rumbling until it’s acceptable to eat my lunch.

Having breakfast in bed is a fabulous way of appreciating your bed and rest for a little bit longer before you have to leave your house and properly start your day. Fingers crossed you can convince a loved one to cook up a storm for you, so you don’t need to leave the covers! 


Treat Yourself!

Making sure that your bed is right for you is really important to the quality of the sleep that you’re getting, so spend the evening before making your room perfect. Change the bedsheets, have a good clean, and spray a relaxing sleep mist. 

You could use the Festival of Sleep as an excuse to treat yourself to a brand new mattress that supports your body in the way it should. Or, if a new mattress is out of your budget, why not try switching out your pillow for one of our Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows? Either way, we know that getting into bed with an exciting new mattress or pillow, will feel like a real treat.


Breathe, And Take a Break

Not only important on Festival of Sleep Day but all year round. 


Take time for yourself, to stop, reflect and relax. The world is so fast-paced sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s completely acceptable to have a day where you lounge about the house, reading a book or binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy (speaking from experience). Your body needs that time to refuel as does your mind. 


How Will You Celebrate?

How will you celebrate Festival of Sleep Day this year? Do you have your own plans? If you do, share them with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll share them with our community!

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