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How to Celebrate the Summer Holidays in Lockdown

How to Celebrate the Summer Holidays in Lockdown

Chances are we all have some fond memories of the summer holidays, whether it be as kids or as parents. Six whole weeks (or thereabouts) without the daily school run, swapping pencils for playgrounds and classrooms for a beach or another country. No matter how we choose to spend the supposedly hottest months of the year, we can all agree that the much-needed long break is a time to celebrate.

With this being said, this year's celebrations will be halted somewhat given the majority of the population have been in some form of lockdown since early April, exhausted indoor activities and seen enough of their garden to warrant moving.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can celebrate the summer whilst being mindful of the ongoing pandemic.


Have a Party on the Patio with Friends and Family

Say hello to summer by throwing a garden party to remember! We understand that you may have seen enough of your garden for a lifetime, but the introduction of family and friends could certainly liven the place up a bit. Hiring a bouncy castle or a pool is a great way to keep the kids entertained whilst you’re busy having a catch-up.


Lions, Tigers and Bears, A Day at the Zoo, Oh My!

As the country slowly starts to open up again, getting out of the same postcode could be long overdue. A fantastic way of doing so is by visiting a zoo. It’s a sure-fire way to get out of the house and learn about some of the best species this planet has to offer - no disrespect to the local cat!

What’s more, you’ll also be helping to fund the care of animals that live there as the attractions industry continues to seek financial support during these unusual times.


Take a Short Vaycay in the UK

It’s very likely that jetting off abroad won’t be possible, or at least recommended, anytime soon. With this in mind, it could be an idea to experience a little more of what the UK has to offer. Sure, you may have taken an almost endless amount of photographs of Blackpool Tower over the years but have you enjoyed a short stay in the Lake District?

Whilst it may not be as exciting as Disneyland Paris or the divine beaches of Florida, it’ll still provide that getaway experience that’s most definitely overdue. For those busy at work, we encourage you to use some of your annual leave and enjoy yourself - you’ve earned it!


Activities for Kids at Home During Lockdown

If you live in an area that’s currently in some form of lockdown, or perhaps you just want to put you and your family’s safety first, here are a few quick-fire tips for having some summer fun at home.


Build a Fort

Okay, hear me out. Even if you don’t have kids, this is a great way to create a space that feels fresh and new whilst keeping yourself busy. If you’ve never tried to build a fort, now’s a fantastic time. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Home Cinema - Without the Trailers

Given streaming services seemingly have access to almost every film ever made, it could be a fabulous idea to recreate the authentic cinema experience at home. Rent or stream you or your kids’ favourite films, get the popcorn in and sit back and enjoy. You could even print out fake tickets!


Camping in Your Garden

Chances are most of us have been camping before. There’s just something thrilling about abandoning screens and spending the night outdoors. So pitch up a tent and get the campfire burning (if space allows it). You could even tell some spooky ghost stories or admire the night sky whilst trying to spot a shooting star!


Explore Your Very Own Micro-Zoo

Can you remember the last time you could go outside and just appreciate nature? If you can’t get to the zoo, why not go outside and take a gander at what the local wildlife has to offer?

There are undoubtedly endless types of insects and bugs crawling around your garden that you may not even know exist. You may even spot a species of bird you haven’t seen before.

To make this activity even more fun for the kids, printing out fact sheets with checkboxes is certain to make them appreciate the world around them that little bit more.


Transform Your Home with an Interior Makeover

If by now, you’ve grown tired of the place you call home and have begun suffering from a strong case of cabin fever which is currently doing the rounds, it could be time to liven the ol’ place up a bit.

Whether just a fresh coat of paint or a complete renovation with new decor and furniture, on a budget or just hunting for a bargain, we have a range of deals on beds, mattresses and so much more in our clearance range.


Don’t Let Those Summer Days Drift Away

We hope you find the above ideas useful. So, how do you plan on celebrating the summer this year? We hope you’ve found the above ideas inspiring. I’ll be heading out to explore the great outdoors, whilst abiding by the social distancing guidelines, of course.

Do you have any top tips on ways to spend the summer holidays in lockdown? Be sure to share them with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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