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What Does A Child’s Dream Bed Look Like?

What Does A Child’s Dream Bed Look Like?

When it comes to buying our kids a new bed, as parents, we often think about the practicalities. We look at whether a bed is safe, affordable, and whether our children will physically fit in it. After all, that’s what’s important right?

Of course, then there are more visual factors to consider, such as what material a bed is made of, its colour, and if any built-in storage is needed.

But, if the roles were reversed and the kids held the purse strings, what would they choose?

Well, we’ve asked the children of the UK to reveal just that by submitting designs of their dream beds. We asked for no holds barred illustrations, the more ‘out there’ the better, and were extremely impressed with the submissions – view them in our gallery.


What Are the Most Popular Features in a Kids Bed?

As you can imagine cost, safety and size did not feature in the drawings. Instead, most submissions focussed on fun. Many children said they would like a swing hanging from their bed, a sofa so they could hang out with friends comfortably, and a TV was a common choice too, but a slide was the most popular feature by a large margin.

8-year-old Scarlet’s dream bed is elephant-themed with a multi-coloured trunk slide and a cosy area with a TV underneath.


The top ten most desirable features were:

1. A slide

2. Lights

3. Drawers

4. A desk

5. Shelving (mostly for books)

6. A canopy

7. A wardrobe

8. A TV or projector

9. A Swing

10. A Sofa

So, it seems, even at 11 years old or younger, our little ones value their privacy and want to keep favourite possessions close at hand.

There were a few unusual suggestions for bed features though, including a chocolate fountain, an airplane simulator, and a life-size cut out of Michael Jordan.


What Are the Most Popular Kids Bed Themes?

When it comes to the theme of the bed, we thought maybe children would want their bed’s design to be based on their favourite TV and film characters, but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Magic and fantasy reigned supreme, with rainbow colours and sparkles extremely popular, as were animal themes where pets had their own section to co-sleep.

The top five most desirable themes were:

1. Rainbow

2. Animals

3. Space

4. Unicorns

5. Dragons

Freddie’s dream design is of a colourful theatre bed with a rainbow stage, red draped curtains, and gold stars adorning its woodwork.

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What is the Most Popular Type of Kids Bed?

So, our gallery submissions showed children would like a rainbow bed with a slide and lights, but what type of bed would they prefer?

Well, the children did not seem concerned with size, but the majority did choose to sleep up high and make the most of the available space in their bedroom, with high sleepers and bunk beds coming out tops.

Rosie, 9, dreams of a Minecraft themed high sleeper, with a TV and swinging chair underneath.

With canopies being a desirable feature, it’ll come as no surprise that a four-poster style bed was also described.

The top five most desirable beds were:

1. High sleeper

2. Bunk beds

3. Single

4. Mid sleeper

5. Four-poster


So, Which Bed Design Was Best?

For entering their designs, we offered every child the opportunity to win the chance of having their bed illustrated by a graphic designer and for their dream to be made into a reality.

Our judges are currently deliberating and will reveal the winner soon!

In the meantime, you can view all the drawings in our kids dream bed gallery, and make sure to browse our range of children’s beds! We’d love to hear your favourites!