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Choosing the Best Bed and Mattress for a Pre-Teen

Choosing the Best Bed and Mattress for a Pre-Teen

We are overwhelmed with advice on choosing the perfect first bed for our toddlers, but when it comes to pre-teen years, it can be a grey area. I know, you can’t believe it’s that time already, but your child has grown and is heading towards their teenage years. Their limbs grow longer every day and a new bed may be looming – but how do you choose?

With such a wide range of mattresses available these days, and a fussy teenage taste to take into consideration, it is common to feel a little lost in finding the right bed for your pre-teen. Of course, you want nothing more than your not-so-little ones to be happy, so I’m here to help make some suggestions and offer some advice on choosing the best bed and mattress for a pre-teen!

Understanding Your Child’s Needs

Your child’s pre-teen years are considered as their stage of early adolescence, which is between the ages of 10 and 13 years old. During this time, your children grow much more quickly which means they need a suitable bed and mattress that will accommodate this growth. As well as this, pre-teens in their stage of early adolescence develop an increased need for privacy, which emphasises the need for a nice and cosy sleeping space for them to relax and unwind. Pre-teens tend to personify an absolute style of thinking, which means everything is considered either great or awful with no middle ground – which can sometimes make bed shopping a little more challenging.

Taking the characteristics of early adolescence into consideration when shopping for the perfect bed and mattress for your pre-teen will ensure that you cannot go wrong. Understanding the need for growth, privacy and the importance of aesthetic should result in finding the perfect bed for your angels.

The Right Size

In their pre-teenage years, children are growing and require a comfortable mattress that will accommodate their changes. During early adolescence, children grow at an increased rate which makes a larger bed much more suitable for a longer commitment. When shopping for your bed and mattress, take into consideration that your pre-teen will grow quickly, and therefore you should allow extra room to accommodate this growth.

Depending on their personal size and requirements, beds and mattresses between single and double should be appropriate. To get a little more specific, small-single and small-double beds may also be worth considering. Every pre-teen is different and will require different measurements, but it is advised to leave some excess space to accommodate extra growth in the near future.


The Perfect Support

With great growth, comes a need for great support. Orthopaedic mattresses and memory foam mattresses go the extra mile for muscle, joint and back support. After an entire day of sitting in those awful school chairs, there will be nothing more beneficial than a cushioned support for a good night’s rest in preparation for the next day.


Style Matters!

I don’t have to tell you how picky and indecisive teenagers can be, and this does not stop when it comes to shopping for the perfect bed and mattress. For an early adolescent, aesthetic is very important and this will only increase as they grow into teenage-hood. Pre-teen’s concrete style of thought can make choosing a bed fairly challenging. It is advised to get them involved in the process, as their opinion is considered more important.

Chances are, pre-teens will spend more and more time in their bedroom and it is important that they enjoy how it looks and feel at home in their new bed. When shopping for a new bed for your pre-teen, take into consideration the colour and size – the bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom and sets the entire theme, so you want to make sure you get it right!


Don’t worry, once all of the stress of choosing the perfect bed and mattress is done and gone, I’m sure you will get more relaxation once your pre-teen has fallen in love with their new comfort. If you’re not quite at this stage yet, be sure to check out our blog on choosing the perfect first bed for your toddler featuring advice from real mums!

Have any more tips that you can’t wait to share? Perhaps you want to show everyone your stylish pre-teens bedroom for inspiration? Get in touch via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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