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Christmas Crafts For Kids

Christmas Crafts For Kids

Is there anything more wholesome than Christmas crafting with the kids?

Behind Door 6 of our Happy Bed’s 2020 Christmas Advent Calendar, we've put together some seriously cute, festive craft ideas to keep your little ones (or yourself, no judgement) occupied throughout December!

DIY Snow Globes

The first craft on our list is the super cute DIY Snow Globe. Quick, easy, and just a little bit messy, this craft will be fun for all the family!

Everything you need to create the DIY Snow Globe can be picked up at your local craft store. Meaning you can easily have your snow globes finished and on the mantle in no time!

You can of course recycle and repurpose household items. Once cleaned, cranberry sauce and pickle jars are the perfect size for snow globes. Green scouring pads also make the perfect luscious grass. Let us know which household crafts you have used when creating your snow globes.

Paper Plate Baubles

Another one for the kids, this craft idea will add a touch of individuality to your home! It’s super easy to make, all you need is some paper plates and coloured bits of paper in various sizes.

Then simply stick the pieces of paper to the plate using PVA glue and wait to dry. Warning: it MAY get messy!

Handprint Wreath

This Handprint Wreath is so easy to make, and is sure to provide fun for your family! Adding a touch of sentimentality to Christmas, you create the wreath by outlining your child’s hand and then carefully cutting around the outline.

Next just simply glue the hands around a paper plate - and voilà! Your very own handmade wreath, all ready and made in under an hour!

Rice Krispy Christmas Puddings

These Rice Krispy Christmas Puddings are a great, child-friendly alternative to creating a real Christmas pud!

But unlike the real version, these Rice Krispy Puddings are guaranteed to go down a treat with the kids!

Just simply melt your chocolate, pour in the Rice Krispies, and mould the mixture into a sphere.

Once dried, melt some white chocolate and drizzle over the mould, before adding some fondant icing for the finishing touch. The perfect tasty Christmas treat!

Pom-Pom Tree Christmas Card

The final (and quickest) craft on our list is the Pom-Pom Tree Christmas Card.

Simply outline the shape of a Christmas tree, and let your little ones fill the tree with coloured pom-poms.

Then once they’ve finished their creations, just sit back with a festive film and wait for the Pom-Pom Trees to dry.

Now all that’s left to do is to give the handmade Christmas card to Grandma and Grandad, bringing guaranteed smiles all round!

Please use the hashtag #HappyBedsIsComingToTown so we can see your creative Christmas creations!

Throughout December 2020, there’ll be an exciting surprise revealed behind each door of our Christmas Advent Calendar: The Gift Of A Good Night's Sleep! You can play along with us by visiting our digital Christmas Advent Calendar or get involved on our socials via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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